Wednesday, April 10, 2013

*** This weeks email from Kassi 4/10/13 ***

TUTTI! Sono molto contento che mi scrivete ogni settimana. Anche perche nuove persone mi hanno scrivuto questa volta!
(everybody! i am so excited that you all have write me every week. also because new people have written me this time.)

So in regards to my Italian, I have noticed I have learned more, I can see my understanding growing, but it is still frustrating, I feel like I have only had one good language study sesh. Sometimes i understand a lot of what people say, then some people I catch like 5 words. It just depends. So remember how I said this keyboard was weird? Somehow I just made everything italicized and idk how to fix it. whatevs haha. Adesso noi abbiamo 4 simpatizanti! (we have 4 investigators). its all at the beginning stages since we are just meeting everyone, and some of them arent that good about giving us a set time to meet them continually. but 2 came to watch conference, one of our investigators who is super rad, bac, from the ivory coast. and then the other was this 19 year old kid we met from senegal. we passed him over to the anziani in our ward cause he lives with only men, so it would be difficult for us to meet with him. 
We had zone conference on Monday, it was awesomee. it was combined with our zone which is verona, and the mestre zone. so i saw a big portion of my friends. i just love them! and i love my president and his wife. they are sooo sweet! sorella wolfgramm is like the cutest lady ever. Im sad they leave this summer. so word on the street theres 17 new sisters coming in next transfer! everythings changing so everything is up in the air. they told us to be prepared to probably train after our 12 weeks of training are over :( 
they are going to open up about 8 more cities to sisters next transfer. crazzyyy stuff! Oh I am about to go to Milano with my comp and our two roomies because we are all doing exchanges. so we are going to pday it up first and go to the cathedral and get gelato and stuff, then at night we are meeting up with the other sisters and switching companions for a day. so i am staying in milan and i guess we are teaching two lessons, and then the other sister is going back to bergamo with my comp. im excited to learn from this other sister. little nervous about teaching these people i dont know.
Some rad stuff happened yesterday. We had 4 lessons planned and then one with a new convert, we have never had that many scheduled in one day. 2 were already investigators of ours, 1 is Kumar, the man from india, we finally got him a book of mormon in Hindi. 2 were first time teaching appts. anyways, all of them fell thru! except for one in the morning with a lady from nigeria who goes to an african church. we watched the restoration video with her. it was awesome cause when i prayed she said "mmmhmmm" and stuff haha. and then with her baby she kept telling her to "clap for Jesus!" hahaha i love it! 
so she is a new investigator of ours, then with our other one, we got out too late so we werent able to see her ;( Kumar never hit us up! He was supposed to come to conference too. Honestly i think its cause he has a jdub friend that turned him away from the church. Have i mentioned how EVERYONE thinks we are jdub? I saw a super funny sticker last night that said something like " we are a catholic family, no jehovas witnesses." haha it was so funny i wanted it. so anyway, we only taught the one lesson and the member lesson, which were good, then we went and did casa in Torre Boldone, which is a suburb near us. I really dont like casa. it was raining the whole time, i looked like a wet dog, i was freezing, i had to pee. and you dont knock on peoples doors in italy. theres a buzzer intercom. so we just buzz peoples names trying to get them to let us into the building and into their house to talk to them about christ. needless to say its not the easiest thing. so we werent having any luck, and yall know not really too idk what the word is. but anyway i decided we should say a prayer real quick so we did. we went to do some more casa andddd....nothing. haha. im just you were expecting some miraculous moment with a baptism date right? haha well casa was the same. then we were walking back and there was a lady pulled over on her bike smoking. i said to bunker, "penso di si." (i think yes) haha. so we started talking with her. i didnt catch alot of what she said. bunker asked to meet up again sometime and she was kinda saying why not then veered from the question for a bit in the convo so i brought it back up again and we got her address and an appointment. wassup! THEN. we go on the tram to go home and do a little finding beforehand. we werent really feeling it on that tram so we got off to get on the next one, but the next one pulled up at the same time, i looked in it and saw a young girl with a baby and i was like "a family! we gotta talk to em!" so we booked it and hopped on. she was like the only person on the whole tram. i sat down and started talking to her. BAM. she lives in our neighborhood, we got her digits, she was suppperrrrr rad. we pretty much have an appt with her too, and she is my age. she is from slovakia. 
THEN. so we were off the tram with her and she was like peace easy, (okay not really) but she was walking her way, and then we were passing some lady at the tram stop and i said Salve (formal hi), per usual. She was like super nice and actually said hi back, my comp was in front of me walking and i was like ehh she will come back haha so i stopped and started a convo with the lady. BAM another numero and future appt! 
Now let me just say I usually am decent about starting a convo and my comp does all the middle stuff cause i dont understand majority, and i usually dont stop ppl on the street and im kind of nervous talking to people just because i cant understand or speak very well. PERO I had like a ton of confidence last night. it was like every person we saw for a bit. it was awesome. So i was thinking, Since all of our appts fell thru, and we did casa for so long in that area, we wouldnt have been able to talk to those 3 ladies otherwise. timing is everything! i think not having any casa success really made me wanna work harder at stopping people. 
also we chatted with two teen girls who were athiest. i think athiests are one of my fav to talk to. pretty sure we bumped them up on the conversion scale. 
oh which also reminds me, if i dont get numbers everytime, its fine! we are introducing the church to so many peeps! on the way to verona for the zone conference, there werent really any seats so i sat on my own with two older men. started talking to them and they were super nice! really trying to break things down to an elementary level for me haha. they actually are from bergamo. so i gave them each a pass along card. i hand those suckers out like their candy. we barely even talked about church haha mostly about them. which i think is good sometimes, if they ever have a bad day and see that card, or if they run into more missionaries in the future, they will remember the nice convo that had with the dumb american who cant really speak italian haha. 
so a couple funny moments of the week-last night the 4 of us were trying to break dance...haha it was hilarious. the other night, gjika discovered if you say boots and cats super fast you can beet box. so we were practicing and mcnamara is terribly funny at it haha. eventually we were beetboxing on video and me and my comp rapped the fresh prince of bell air song hahaha. Anziano Grimaldi from Sicily cant speak english really well, and when he mocks the american accent its the best. he sounds like austin powers when he says my name. i taught him how but and butt had different meanings hahaha. 
well i gots to go to milano soon! Vi Voglio Bene! 
Grazie Mille per Tutto. Ciao Ciao!

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