Saturday, December 21, 2013

**Email from 12/18/13**

Baptism, American Junk Food and Love!

It was indeed a miracle. Hands down one of the best moments of the mission, cioè my life. Me, Astel, Gross and Condie were all in the side hall watching her get baptized by Anz. Colemere, and when she came up out of the water and back to us we hugged her and she cried and pretty much bore her testimony to us. It was beautiful. I couldn't stop smiling. I said the closing prayer and even said words can't describe how happy we are. That was probably one of the strongest moments I have ever felt of the spirit and just how much love I have for her. Grateful grateful grateful.
During her interview a couple days before she bore her testimony and said how much she loved me and was grateful and was hoping I wouldn't leave, made me get a little choked up!
So it's been a very high chance that I would be space transfered, since being in 3 is not super normal and whatnot, EVERYONE thought I was out.
I AM STAYINGGGG! I am so happy!!! President at the conference was like "well, I don't want to ruin any of your Christmas plans", and I was like "I am so happy!" He said "Good, I like happy."
But the scare of me leaving really helped me to know how much people loved me! A lot of the young women and some members and investigators were saying they would pray for me to stay. They all were texting and making an effort to see me too. One of the people I have been teaching since I got here, my sweet little peruvian man was like, what about the 28th? You won't be here? (That is his baptism date and I am surprised he remembered and made it out like he really would get baptized that day!) And he was so sad that I could be leaving.
It gets worse\better. We visit one of my favorite innactive families, the ones who barely speak italian so my spanish is improving. They actually came to church Sunday! I told them during our visit that I might be leaving, they were like that's it we are going to buy pizza! So they get us pizza and make it a little festa! The 2 little girls are Peruvian dancers and they do a dance for me! Then  they are like 'close your eyes' and they brought out this GIANT stuffed dog with a huge card that said "Sorella Kassi" and they all signed and decorated it. Then the mom in broken Italian told me how much she loves me and is grateful for me and how I was so consistent and persistent with her family. I started crying. I told them I never cry so they did a good job. When we left their house I balled like I did when I left Bergamo. My companions haven't seen me cry so that was funny. I sleep with that stuffed animal every night now.
Seriously tender mercies. I didn't think the people here loved me as much as I love them, so it was a great week of cheesy love.
Even tho the members love us, we still haven't been invited anywhere for Christmas! But neither has Sorella Walch and her companion in Vercelli so we might all kick it.
Buon Natale!! Vi voglio un sacco di bene!
Sorella Gillette

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

** 12/11/13 EMAIL **


Well you heard it folks, Italy as a whole has been in rebellion since Monday. Monday there was a huge strike and nothing was open and there were people blocking off streets and stopping cars all by our house. It was so cool!! Coppers and Swat and fights about to break out. I was so excited. Anziano Johnson said I would be the crazy that jumps in the crowd yelling Forza Italia! hahaha. yes. I hear downtown is worse and especially more north, yeah rebellion!! 
So monday was our district meeting and Sorella Condie and her comp couldn't get back to Collegno after because no buses were going, so they had to spent the night! It. Was. Awesome. We did a Blitz in our area so Condie and I went together. She was singing "Guess who's back..back..back..back again.." haha. It was so great to be with her again. I love her. 
This has been one of the slowest weeks of my mission. Last pday all us girls kicked it and it was by far one of my fav pdays ever. 
So let's see, Sorella Astel and I chuck Lindor chocolates at the wall like we are pitchers to soften up the chocolate. Sorella Gross and I had a mattress war yesterday morning like Sumo wrestlers. We played hide and seek with the Sorelle and it was the funniest thing with 5 people. Our house is seriously a maze with tricks everywhere. Sorella Astel and I trapped Gross in the bathroom using 2 mattresses, 3 chairs and a christmas tree. 
Finally got to visit one of my favorite inactive families after a long time. I cried in the lesson, the mom is having a hard time being here in Italy, their whole family is struggling. It was a really strong lesson. Then she took her two girls to the Primary activity last night and we are seeing them tonight. 
Also...WE ARE HAVING A BAPTISM! This saturday we hope! Francesca's interview is tonight! I still can't believe it, but I think that is just how I am about the big moments haha. Constant state of shock. 
Pray that it will happen! 
Thanks for all the emails!!! 
Vi voglio un sacco di qualcosa buona haha. 
Sorella Gillette

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

*** 12/3/13 EMAIL ***


Well, my new compie Sorella Gross speaks Navjoo. Idk how to spell it. But it is sick! She grew up on an Indian Res and pretty much has the most interesting life. I have a feeling my Mom and her would really get along haha. 
So this trio is pretty awesome. It's like a big hang out. But contacting is kinda weird. Funny story. So as we all know I am a big prankster. Well joke is on me. Sorella Gross was telling us yesterday how she has an epipen because she is allergic to radishes haha. So she takes it out and it starts talking and beeping about injections. She comes at me out of nowhere and attacks me with this epipen, I am confused, running around the giant living room around chairs and our ghetto Christmas tree (which is being held up by a giant roll of paper towels.) and at first I am like is she serious? Is this real life? Am I about to be injected with whatever epipens are made of? I don't want to get shot? So sorella Astel is just laughing and I am a little concerned haha. I hear it say 'Injection in 5...4...3...' So I am pushing her off me and we end up like wrestling on the floor and I had to kick her off me and I ran and hid in the bathroom.
Pretty traumatizing. 
Well. Turns out it was a training epipen and not real. They felt bad that they actually put real fear into my soul haha. 
I figured out Sorella Astel is writing home about this story at the same time because she is just creepily laughing to herself. If only you could see my face. :| 

Miracoli! Well my dearie investigator who has had one problem from the next about baptism I am pretty sure will finally get baptized the 14th! We went to her house the first time yesterday to meet her grandparents, they actually were okay with us coming over, and a few days ago she brought her older sister to a lesson and she became a new investigator and is okay with her getting baptized! So if I happen to leave in 3 weeks for the crazy space transfer that is happening, I will be here for the baptism!

I have been praying for that so much and I have been fasting today and yesterday for it, and immediately my fast was pretty much answered but I didn't realize it till later on in the day. Sometimes I just don't recognize the answers I do get, or realize that they are answers. Another thing I have learned in the mish is that I am teaching people how to do all of these things when I am not good at it myself. But you know what they say, you learn the most when you teach. So moral of the week, try to practice what you preach? haha punny.

Allora, today we are having a pday party with all the sorelle, dance party at our house! yay Jerico road! hahaha. Man I miss music lol. 

Vi voglio un mondo di bene! 
Sorella Gillette

*** 11/27/13 EMAIL ***


Soooo. I have been praying daily that I would stay in Torino and the Lord has answered my prayers!! I am staying here for transfer numba 3 in this loverly città, menomale with sorella Astel too. 
But here's the catch...
We are going to be in a threesome!! 
Picking up Sorella Gross tomorrow! She is in Sorella Walch's group and Sorella Clawson trained her. Kinda crazy that Clawson was in a threesome with my baby and now I will be with hers haha. 
Let me tell you why. In 3 weeks about 3 or 4 sorelle are going home early along with about 4 anziani, the week before Christmas so they can go home in time to start school. Anyways that means there will be space transfers midway. 
In conclusion, it seems as though I would be leaving at the end of 3 weeks. But who knows. That's just based off of logic. But I actually prayed to atleast remain for Thanksgiving, we are going tomorrow to the Dallon family's for a big dinner feast! So stoked!!! They are American, and turns out I am friends with their niece from Dixie. Small world. 
Most people are staying the same in the zone, so I will still be with Walch, Condie and Astel in the zone! Anziano Colemere is also staying, this will be 6 transfers together in the same ward. 

Investigator news! People are still progressing, kind of having a hard time getting new investigators here in Torino. Finding is way different. I thought people were cold in Bergamo but I didn't know anything haha. Having a hard time trying to get our baptism dates to stick. Our most elect chicka busted her leg pretty bad and crutched her way into the church on Sunday. So lots of problems are being presented. 

I am really grateful my family was chill with my decision to get baptized. At 14 too, that's just crazy. Guys I am going into my 7th transfer. What the freak. I've almost been out for 10 months! 

Side note, saw some random music videos like Brit Spears, Miley Cyrus, Bruno Mars when I was in a kebap shop. DUDE. What the satan?? I know it's not cause I am in weird mission mode, well maybe a little but holy cow! straight up jank. Astel was like oh dang 2nd coming is happening! haha. 

Hope you all have a wondiferous Thanksgiving! I am thankful for ya'll. hehe cheese. 
Sorella Gillette
p.s. *cough send me some packages for Christmas cough.* 


**2nd EMAIL**

Livin on a prayer

Bon jovi is on in the internet point...I am stoked. I forgot a couple things and realized I don't tell you guys too many details about my life hahaha.
We have been super poor with food, I have eaten some gross things man. Even the anziani feel bad for us and gave us some cookies haha. 
One of our investigators that I have been teaching since I got here gave me a Spanish-Italian dictionary and signed it in spanish, so nice of him! I gave him one of my bibles the week before and he was super stoked about it.
Our old man investigator yesterday bought us a thing of Lindor chocolates and came to FHE. I almost got him to play nascondino! (hide and seek.) a tradition I accidentally started last transfer after every FHE. the kids love it and us adults (adult haha sike) we get way into it running around the chapel. One of my favorite people in the mission goes home tomorrow so we got to say bye to him yesterday at the FHE too. I just love all the friends I have made here. Can't imagine life without all of them! 
Oh and another thing you should know. Sorella Astel is the Queen at would you rather. We literally play would you rather on the daily and she is crazy haha. You know how I get super hyper at night and go buck wild? Well she does too and I have calmed down a lot haha. 
One last funny story. Saturday night we had our stake conference broadcast. One of our rad simps came, i am sitting in between him and Astel. I look over at him and he is praying! cool. then I look at Astel and she is too! I was like wth did I miss the prayer memo? She raises her head and opens her eyes and I was like bro were you praying? She was like nah dude I was asleep. 
hahahahaha. yes. 
Okay Ciaozies!

Slla G

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

** EMAIL 11/20/13**

Fingers are freezing off as I type
Well. It sure is cold. I knew this day would come, and it's not even the worst yet. I know I always said I wan't to live in 4 seasons. But dang gina forget that! Well if I had a heater and a car I prob wouldn't complain as much.
Comunque! I had sooo many emails this week! Thank you all so much. Felt like the cool kid on the block.
I seriously love you all and miss you. This has been my trunkiest transfer, only in regards to the fact that I miss music, movies, friends, family, food! But I need to shut up, I am serving a mission in Italy! What the freak haha. But it is because some of my friends are going home, thinking about that is so weird! I can't imagine going home. I am so sad, one of my really good friends got into a bike vs. bus accident and is going home tomorrow! He almost served for a solid year, and he doesn't get to come back to this mission! Can't serve foreign again for medical stuff. So sad! And then my other buddy has finished the mission, ahhhh such a strange feeling! Sorella Astel and I always talk about how weird it would be to not be planning lessons for people.
So with our people: One of our investigators prayed for the first time in a lesson! It was so sad, he is a cute little old man and asked that he wouldn't feel alone anymore! And then...he accepted a baptism date! YES.
Then with another, she is the sweetest. When I left Bergamo, Ylenia said I was leaving her so I could go find another girl like her and help her. This is that girl for sure. She has changed so much in such a short amount of time! Now she knows she for sure wants to get baptized! Only prob is her parents think it is too fast! gahh. so Sorella Astel, Condie, me and our investigator are all fasting right now to soften the hearts of her parents.
Oh I forgot, SORELLA WALCH IS IN MY ZONE. We are about to pick them up from the train station and do pday together!!!! yeahhhh. Got to see her yesterday it was soo amazing to be with her, condie and astel. I love them soo much. couldn't stop smiling.
your fav sorella.

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

** EMAIL 11/13/13 **

Just hustled a Sri Lankan for some cheaper scarves

I figured maybe random subject titles would entice the reader.
haha then sometimes I think I should be more serious for ya'll, but then I think ehhh...better not.
So. life's good. weeks are fast. Never remember which week is which when I come to write you. We are at an internet point right by the Mole. I love walking around downtown Torino. Probably my favorite sight in the world. Sorella Astel saw a ghetto little house and was like 'I bet that was built before America was America' haha.
In regards to our investigators, there are some great people progressing. Some people that are so elect and ready, they just can't see it themselves! I have kind of noticed that with people this transfer, whether it be missionaries or investigators, they can't see how great they are like I can! So I can only imagine Heavenly Father's frustration with us, because I sure do get frustrated with people haha. I really feel like I am learning to see people the way HF sees them. And how much I love people after not knowing them for very long. It's crazy. So long story short, the problem in Torino isn't the same as Bergamo, people are more likely to come to church here but they are too scared to get baptized, even though we bear testimony like crazy and do everything we have been taught and feel impressed to do and say.
I've said it before and I'll say it again. People's agency man. pshhh.
So what have we done this week? Well miracle week for our district, as a whole 10 new simps and a new bap date. As a companionship we had 3 new simps and the bap date! Really cool, first new simps of the transfer.
We went to Milano last Thursday for that conference, got to see a lot of my friends, which I always look forward to. Everyone was like 'Hey I heard you got robbed!' haha. I'm like holy hannah how do you all know?! It was a good conference. learned alot, you kinda feel like a cruddy missionary after tho haha the list of imperfections that you need to fix. Ehh vediamo.
In other new, my baby girl is coming to this zone! I AM SO STOKED. That means Walchie, Condles and Astel will all be in my zone. I have been so blessed to have had such great companions who I consider my best friends. Have I mentioned how funny Astel is?
Sono fortunata. So ya. bout it I suppose. I want some Christmas cards or something, even tho I have no room to talk because I am the worst at snail mail. Must give shout outs to my amazazazing friends back home that have consistently written me loverly letters for all this time. It doesn't feel like I have been out very long until I hear from the Italian kids about new movies and music and whatnot haha.
Buona Settimana!
Siete il mio mondo e Vi Voglio Bene!
Sorella Gillette

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

** EMAIL FROM 11/6/13 **

Getting robbed at knifepoint​...oh the mission haha

Everyone! I got quite a few letters and I loved and appreciated it. but I am fine people! I swear to you I wasn't scared, you would actually be proud, I feel like I handed it like a champ.
So for those of you that want the story. Sorella Astel and I were walking home after an appointment, bout a 15 min walk to our house at 8 at night. not too late. We were on a main road, there were people on the road, not a ton but still. It was a holiday in Italy so less people were out. We were about a block from our apartment and a man about my height and stature (little italian homie) came out of nowhere from the italy all the cars are just parked on the side of the road. I was closest to that side but he walked a bit past me and stood more in front of Astel because she was a stride ahead of me. First I just noticed that he had a bandana covering his face and said "Dami la borsa!" Which means give me the bag, so I was like Wth? then I look down and see a fatty butcher knife, it was closer to astel. So she jumps back and says Ok a bunch of time and throws it to him. My only thought was "dang I hope he doesnt ask me for mine." haha then he turns to me so Im like ok ok. then he just walks past us, I turn around and notice he is walking at a normal pace so Im like "Bro Go!" So we run home, Astel was really scared, tried to stop a couple people for help which was funny bc no one cares haha so I call the zone leaders as we are running and I kinda made a joke, "so if all your stuff was taken at knife point, what would you do?" lol anyways get it all squared away with president, he makes astel feel better. next morning we file a report with our bishop at the police office (kind of a waste of time).
So we dont have our italian triples, wallets, any cards, my mini dictionary that i use on the daily, my mini book of mormon in english, lots of other random papers and stuff...but saddest of all..MY CAMERA WITH ALL OF MY MISSION PHOTOS AND 2 FLASH DRIVES. When I realized that I started kicking air angrily hahaha. But whatevs whatja gonna do?
So thats to answer the big questions. We are just having a difficult time without all those things, it has made it a bit harder to do missionary work when we didnt have money for a couple days or bus tickets or our triples haha. Especially when your investigator in church asks about D&C bc that happens to be ALL THE SCRIPS that day. Sorry bro, your missionary cant help you haha.
Also that next day we realized our fridge and freezer were turned off for a full day. lost alot of food haha. IT WAS A GOOD WEEK!
But we really have seen a lot of miracles and we had 5 people in church! People are progressing, we are feeling the spirit in lessons. Really hoping that the miracles we want are scene. I really hope Astel and I stay the same for next transfer. I want to be here for Thanskgiving and Christmas so bad.
I really appreciate everyone sending me some emails! LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH. CANT WAIT TO KICK IT!
Today we went with my old compie/bestie Condie and her comp Hoffman to a town really close to France. It was so pretty! saw the alps covered in snow. I dont have a camera but i have pics on other ppls cameras, but theres no way for me to upload them bc the doohikey is gone too haha.
LOVE YOU ALL. Always praying for the safety and health of my dearies back home!
Sorella Gillette

** EMAIL FROM 10/30/13 **

Ciao to everyone and their parents...​literally :)

Well, funny story from emails this week, some of my friends in the mission told me today that their parents wrote them about things they didnt tell them...quindi my letters sure are getting around to all the parents back there haha. 
So this week is another blur, we made Anziano Day a crown for his birthday. Sunday we went to some strange medical conference to try to do some missionary work with some members, it was so long but we got free food. i feel like im back at home eating like a chubster that sure can pound food. for example, lunch today. i wasnt super hungry but Astel was. We get pasta, halfway thru she is like 'man i am full.' So not only do I eat mine, a big thing a bread, I then take her bowl too. Benefits of being the fat companion :) hehe. 
So this whole contact everyone on the street competition kinda sucks haha people are so mean lol and we havent gotten any potentials out of it, only a referal for the anziani. but i do feel like i am doing missionary work, unfortunately probably the most uneffective missionary work besides knocking doors. or should i say ringing citofoni. 
Well two of our investigators are progressing toward their bap dates still. We had a greattttt lesson with our little peruvian man. The spirit was really strong and the member in the lesson was perfect for him. I really hope I get to see these people get baptized. Unfortunately the kids havent come to church, so they cant get baptized on the date we planned. I am def learning a lot about parenthood out on the mish. Its prob the most christlike experience and you have to put yourself to the side and think about whats good for them. cough cough baptism cough. 
speaking of cough, my cold is slowing but surely going away. yay cold weather! but i know the weather will only get worse. 
I am super grateful for everyone who has been keeping in contact with me, everyone is happy Im hitting the halfway point, and I feel like it has flown by, but then thinking about how people are getting married when i didnt know they had a boyfriend, or theres new songs and whatnot that are now considered old, dang ive been out for quite a bit of time haha. 
OH. funny crazy stories of the day. Well the Gallarato fam are still probs my fav people of Torino. So funny and I feel like they are family, We just go around and make fun of each other. Seriously gotta be related. Sorella Astel and I had an interesting lesson with a less active about some CRAZY conspiracy theories hahaha. I had to stop her in one of them and correct some false doctrine, most of the others I just let her go. Made my personal study a lot more interesting haha. Just remind me when I see you to give more deets haha.
Well, I seriously love the gelato out of you. 
These photos are from the egyptian museo today, Astel hadnt been. Thats me next to mummified cats hahaha. 
Sorella Gillette

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

** EMAIL FROM 10/23/13 **

Long email, but it is worth it haha.

I MISS YOU ALL. So as you know transfers happened, I have talked with Sorella Condie almost everyday hahaha that is the perk of being in the neighboring district pretty much in the same city. like literally every time i tell a member or someone where she went we all kind of have a good laugh :) Her and her new comp are coming to our house tomorrow for lunch in our NEW APARTMENT. 
Dude it is so ridiculous haha. 3 BEDROOMS, 2 BATH, giant living room, big kitchen. Me and my comp just have our own bathroom haha. all the walls are cupboards. you literally press on a wall and it opens. Not to mention the house style is like funky 1965. My bathroom has like pea green toilet, sink. crazy funky mirrors are everywhere. the door to my bathroom is like blue glass with a giant silver round knob. im not kidding austin powers came to italy and lived in this apartment. 
and its all to ourselves! the anziani are jealous. but since Torino is so big, I am even more lost than I was before because I dont know the bus routes near our house. so frustrating!
Sorella Astel is super patient with me tho. I love her. she is so sweet. She is from Idaho Falls, idk if I already mentioned that. She turned 20 a few months ago and is the transfer below me. 
She says my italian is really good...then i totally botch something up in front of people and i know she is just being polite haha. 
Miracle for the week, the palomino family came to church! this is really cheesy but...whatevs. so it was the primary program during sacrament, and i kid you not little kids speaking italian is the absolute cutest thing you will ever here. especially when they are talking about jesus christ. oh my lanta. so after sacrament the family walks in and i see them, astel doesnt know anyone yet and i was GASP ITS THE PALOMINOS! And I started to tear up hahaha. WHATS HAPPENING TO ME. im melting. 
So beautiful tho. and then Hermis, our rad bap date who i loveeee came for all 3 hours and participated in gospel principles! 
Ettore, the cute little old man we are teaching, well long lesson later ALMOST accepted a baptism date. ahhhhh so close! 
We have a competition going on with the old district leader (Briscoe) that we have to talk to 1000 people by the end of the transfer, me and astel are doing it too, so thats double as a coppia. unfortunately we are only at 78 each right now. in one night we talked to 30 people each. this is just walking down the streets too. haha so much rejection i just laugh. italians are soo mean lol.
BUT FUNNY CRAZY STORY. in closing of this long email, I needed 2 people to hit my goal on Monday to talk to 30 people...we were waiting for a bus and there was no one around...except...An Albanian hooker and a mini scarier verson of Christopher Walken. For those of you who dont know, I cant stand that actor and he scares me. So JUST IMAGINE. hehehe Astel and I both were like heck yes lets go contact this lady and ruin this guys opportunity to take her home! so we go up and I ask them if they have heard of the book of mormon. He looked so evil. His eyes were so...heebie jeebies creepies bro. 
Comunque, dropped a passalong card after he told us to get lost haha. sadly that girl is probs younger than me. so we go back to the bus stop. we see him walk away so we were like score! and we didnt get a chance to really talk to her or give her a passalong card so guess what? 
WE GO BACK AGAIN hahahaha. Gave her a plan of salvation pamphlet, she said she saw missionaries in albania, told her we both have an albanian friend (gjika shoutout!) and i was like oh hey slla astel knows a phrase in albanian! (from gjika). and she says it and the girl laughs....because (i didnt know at the time) sorella astel told this Albanian prostitute she looked albanian. HAHAHA. man i hope you find this as great as I do.
Sure do love the mission! and you all!
a dopo!
Sorella Gillette.
p.s. christmas is coming up...wink. wink.
p.s.s. idk if i mentioned how condie and i gave everyone disney characters and she said i am the guy from goofy movie, 'leaning tower of cheese-ah.' Briscoe gave us all Harry Potter characters...I am Fred and George. hahaha. Because I am never serious and play pranks on people. I noticed these are both gingers. Then astel and i decided to label everyone in the district as a junk food, we voted i am a cheese puff. again, orange. any opinions? lol. and yes this is what we do for entertainment.

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

** 10/16/13 Email **

This transfer will be my halfway mark!

Crazy right?! So it is transfers yet again, and my comp is leaving me. well kind of haha. She is going from Torino to Collegno...which for those of you that dont know is about a 20 min bus ride hahaha. So she is in the same zone, neighboring district and even our baptisms are at her church building hahaha. We have been making jokes about it all week.
Well I am getting a new comp named Sorella Astel. I have seen her a few times. She is also in Condie's group and is from Idaho. its always nerve racking to get a new comp, speriamo bene! 
today has been weird, off and on the comp all day. we do our grocery shopping tomorrow bc ill wait for my new comp to get here. It is exciting to hear about the other missionaries and where they are going and whatnot. I am glad I stayed! So much work to be done still and I feel like I havent done anything. 
Well this letter is short. Thanks for always writing me guys. I cant believe Halloween is coming up and I will be at my halfway point soon! 
AND HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM! Sorry I couldnt be there!
Heres some photos from last pday when we went to palazzo reale. so a fancy palace haha. and then we took some goodbye photos after fhe. transfers are always so sad! its like moving from family everytime. 

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

** Email from 10/9/13 **


The weeks are going by so fast, I cant even remember what happens. Well meat fast was a success, our district leader told us we looked healthier, but we know he was just saying that so we would keep our vegetarian on. But for lunch today we are going to try to find a south american restaurant, an investigator told us about it, apparently there are tacos! I MISS MEXICAN FOOD SO MUCH.
Conference was so dang good yall! We had like 15 people in a small cramped computer room all watching it on one computer in english haha. all missionaries and a couple investigators. it was rough. BUT. My fav talk was def by Anziano Uchtdorf. So amazing! 
Monday we went to the Gallarato's for dinner and fhe, they are my fav people. SO FUNNY. I was dying laughing. Then last night we did our fhe at the church and there was more people there than I had ever seen, were talking like 6 besides us 4 missionaries haha. we played ninja all together and it was all adults. super funny. 
I had a dream that I would be the one getting transfered and it was really hard. With transfers coming up, I am pretty sure Sorella Condie will dip out, hopefully not tho. I am still lost all the time without her. I better not be leaving tho! 
So some photos, there is a gorgeous park called parco valentino, and yall know how much i love orange leaves and autumn. i was so excited. then some other random stuff. some photos from the final district meeting of the transfer. it was our district leader's bday and we made him band tshirts hahaha cause he was in some really bad punk band back in the states lol super funny. 
Cant complain. Life is good. is getting cold! I dont know how to handle it! 
Love you all! Thanks for writing me, I feel the love! So glad the lord is working through you!
Slla Gillette

** Email from 10/2/13 **

c'è lo posso fare!

Name that disney song people.
HOW IS EVERYONE?! This has been a great week. I dont have much time today, spent some time at a cinema museum at the Mole, super cool! 
Allora in somma, Alexandra the cute 8 year old we were teaching was baptized! we have set 5 baptism dates in the past week and a half!!!! yeahhh. 4 new investigators too this past week and a half! 
can i get a what what?!
Yesterday was our new investigator/bap date who is 17, from Peru and speaks english as her 3rd language and she is really good at it. She reminds me of me! Alot of her concerns, beliefs, curiosities with the church, so similar! I was worried during the lesson that she was too good to be true, something must be wrong because no one is this prepared. Then a bit after thinking that she straight up said something like "im being sincere, not saying this just to say it, i really am excited about this, it just feels right to me, i dont really know where i stand on my belief in god but going to church and being here with you just feels right." and she accepted a bap invite and....I cried haha. The spirit was so strong and I felt like it was such a testimony to why I am here. We had GREAT LESSONS yesterday. 
Since conference is coming up we are talking about prophets with everyone. 
Also on saturday was a YM/YW activity for both the Torino wards, it was a talent night with food and after a dance, it was so funny! they told us missionaries the day before they wanted us to sing...sorella condie and i did them one better.
Picture us, sunglasses, crappily coreographed dance to A Goofy Movies song Stand Out...ya it just reeks of Sorella Gillette huh? 
We went last and is was a huge sucess, they turned off half the lights as if it was a real performance and then ALL OF THE YOUNG WOMEN OF BOTH WARDS CAME UP AND DANCED WITH US! FOLLOWING OUR MOVES! and im going to answer your question right now, YES THERE IS VIDEO. but sadly, cant upload on this dang diddly site. haha. 
Last but not least...I AM GOING VEGETARIAN THIS WEEK. Started yesterday. day and a half goin strong! that photo of me and the pizza is a veggie pizza haha. PERCHE? 
Well lemme tell you. 
We eat at a members house for lunch, she is sicilian....most dont know what this means. they feed you and if you dont eat they get offended and angry! and i cant eat as much as they must think i can, the fattness is deceiving. 
long story short after pounding so much food, some nastyyyy sausage/intestine looking crap comes out of the microwave and i was so scared. luckily she cooked it on the stove but still. i said a prayer that i could chug it, good gravy it was nasty. looked like roadkill insides with fat chunks. idk if  thats descriptive enough. Sorella Condie didnt even finish hers and wanted to throw up haha. so I was like, I am going to follow the example of our district leader and be vegetarian haha. We called and told him, he was very proud. 
Well. Thats about it that I can type out real fast. 
Love you all to pieces! I love the mission, I love these people!!!!! 

Thursday, September 26, 2013

**EMAIL FROM 9/25/13 **

baptism by...FIRE!

Eduardo finally got the ghost! He is so sweet. Speaks only spanish, so I usually just nod and say si, with some hola and hasta luego thrown in there. Trying to learn spanish and italian is complicated.
So Sunday was miraculous. First Eduardo finalmente came, hence the above sentence. Then! well back track, we had a primary activity on saturday which was SOOO CUTE. I want kids! yes, i said it. I, sorella Gillette, actually admit to wanting kids...I blame the mission and babies speaking italian. Anywho. Some less active families came, it was beautiful. THEN. Sunday one of my fav families came to church! Apparently they havent come in atleast 6 months, as far as sorella Condies knowledge. we taught them saturday morning like always and they were saying how their kids need to have the holy ghost, the kids want to get baptized! so we will be starting the lessons with them! yay! I am so proud of that mom for bringing all 4 of her kids to church on her own. The ward was so welcoming to her! Im just so proud.
On thursday we had a girls night with the young women, about 10 girls came, it was so fun! I love them! 
Lets see, other great things...Also sunday a little old lady in the ward came up and gave me some earrings! The week before I complimented her on hers and so she went out and bought the same pair for me and my comp. HOW CUTE. 
This saturday our little 8 year old that we have been teaching is getting baptized! Theres a lot of kids from less active families that we are working with. Its great to see how these little cuties have a desire and are being the example for their parents! 
Tonight we are going over to another one of my fav less active families, they barely speak italian. again my awesome spanish skills are needed. the kids are sooooooo adorable. the two girls were teaching me a hand clap game last time. i have some photos of em. 
and shout of to my loverly companion. She is great. I really am blessed to have this adventure. 
I have realized I am super immature for 22 haha I am rarely serious and am always making jokes. and I always have to crunch leaves on the sidewalk like a little kid. but then i think hey, Im called on the mission to be myself right? haha. I always make the joke of "exhibit A of why I am not getting married." lol. 
all in all it has been a good week. very eventful with activities! We have so many people to try and see, we cant fit them all in. way different than bergamo. different kind of stress. 
I LOVE ITALY. I LOVE THE PEOPLE. I LOVE THE MISSION AND THE MISSIONARIES. ANDDDD I LOVE THE BOOK OF MORMON. I literally get excited to read it, I am in like alma 35 now, as soon as I finish it again I am going to start it in italian, then that will be 3 times read on the mission. and I am almost to john in the new testament. 
PEOPLE THE SCRIPTURES ARE SO VITAL! If we all read our scriptures every morning, the world would be a much better place. I want to kick my old self in the kneecap for not reading before and understanding the importance! golly gee. 
well, i love you all. the church is true and the book is blue! 
Slla G.

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

**Email from 9/18/13 **

Quick little letter yeah yeah
I love Torino! 
Had a sweet FHE on Sat with the Gallarato family, Fratello G made us some bomb food, we played spoons after haha he lost everytime and then chucked his cards lol so funny. Slowly getting to know the people and where I am going, such a big city with so many different forms of transportation! 
Had a really good lesson also on sat with a less active family, got to use my parents as an example yet again. It was good. Sorella Condie said in a prayer the other week that she was grateful that I am bold...haha idk if thats good or bad lol. We had an investigator ALMOST except a baptism date, she knows the book of mormon is true and wants to get baptized, just needs time and to talk to her husband.
Another investigator also says the book of mormon is real and Joseph Smith is a prophet. dang people if you know all this stuff what is holding you back?! Thats what we are here to figure out. Lots of people we are working with, including a lot of less actives who i love. Had a great lesson the other day with another family, first time Sorella Condie met the mom, we taught her and her 11 year old daughter. The mom cried. it was really awesome. They have only been here for a few months from Peru. 
I need to learn spanish SO BAD. 
Our investigator/member who hasnt received the holy ghost yet (he was baptized a month ago) still hasnt come to church, and he doesnt speak italian either. i talked with him on the phone and spat out a couple spanish words and hopefully that means we have an appointment with him tonight haha. 

I noticed I havent said much about the people lately, just kind of general unimportant crap haha. found out that one of my new converts in Bergamo passed the sacrament for the first time and that 2 of my beloved investigators went to church for the first time for all 3 hours! ahhhhhhh. jump for joy people. May not seem like a big deal. BUT. IT. IS. 
Side note, Sorella Condie is awesome. I am a big fan. I have really had some great companions. Her parents live in Connecticut, maybe we have already started to Boston trip plan haha. 
Miss you all! Africa by Toto came on the radio yesterday in an instanbul kepab joint, I WAS SO HAPPY. tender mercy my friends. tender mercy.
OHHH PS. today went to the largest egyptian museum in the world! It was soooooo cool! so worth it. google it. torino is kinda famous for it.

** Email from 9/11/13 **

Greetings from Torino!
One of the cool things about the apartment is that Sorella Bunker and Sorella Soh have signed the wall, my mamma and granny! So the apartment is superr ghetto fab. Way diff than Bergamo, but menomale we are actually moving apartments! The last two days has been straight cleaning and building furniture at the new place. dont like not doing missionary work for that long.
So my first Sunday was great, the ward is so big and they are SO welcoming! Really warm and sweet people. Feels weird to be the newbie. Had to bear my testimony. It is def better than my first sunday in Italia. Except I notice how much my language sucks haha. Taught too many English speaking Africans the past few months. scherzo. worth it.
My comp, Sorella Condie is super chill. She is only a transfer below me and her language is so good! She had an italian trainer and they were together  for 3 transfers. Condie is from Colorado and went to school at the U.
So I have noticed Torino is a lot more Italian. Its huge, tons of markets, the view is more of the italian city you picture, and theres more italians in general. I never realized how small Bergamo was! But dang gina I miss Bergamo so much! I always bring it up haha I have to make an effort to stop. I kind of refer to it as back home.
Tons of less actives and potentials to work with, I am so excited. We are teaching this one guy from Palestine, I was trying to learn some Arabic yesterday. Forget that haha. Another investigator should be getting the holy ghost sunday. long story haha. but he only speaks spanish. that was a difficult encounter haha. now i have to learn spanish! All the south americans here are from Peru, funny how the all migrate to specific cities.
Today we went the the top of La Mole, the huge famous tower in Torino, it originally was supposed to be a jewish temple, now its a national museum of cinema! right up my ally. So I got to see the view of all of torino and the swiss biggie.
Well, this is a long letter, it is cool hearing about where all my friends have been transfered to, how we are all needed in specific places at specific times! Cant wait to get to know the people here better and love them! Torino is beautifullll! And, it is almost fall. we all know what that means. ORANGE TREES.
Vi Voglio Bene!
Slla Gillette

Wednesday, September 4, 2013




{{{{{{{{ EMAIL FROM 9/4/13 }}}}}}}

BEST/WORST week of the mission!

Im in a glass case of emotions! name that movie.
BOUNGIORNO. Thanks all for the bday wishes. Got mad love for my peeps. So many things happened this week, hopefully I can sum it all up for ya.

First about my birthday, probs the best bday anyone could have on the mission. Ate at one of my fav members house, she made an Ecuadorian version of tacos. Gave me an Ecuador tshirt, made a cake! I love them. Ylenia and Favour called in the morning to tell me happy bday and later on in the day we taught them a lesson. Sorella Walch got people to sing happy birthday to me in English at English class. The girls made me a cute poster.
The girls and a member had been working on surprising me for my bday for a long time I guess. Lets just say it involved hearing my parents voices on a recording, eating gelato blindfolded and seeing the best view of Bergamo from Città Alta. BEST MISSION BDAY! I only get one in Italy and it was amazing. 

Had a blitz with the traveling sorelle, Sorella Beus asked Ylenia in a lesson how she found the church. I ended up crying as I heard her version of the story and her testimony. So beautiful. She was saying how she liked us so much, if it were different people she doesnt know if she would be as accepting. Talked about how we explained things to her and were encouraging and how she knew the BOM was true. We then visited our investigators new baby and her in the hospital! SO CUTEEEE. So happy for them. I cried after we left the hospital. Ive had a feeling I would be leaving Bergamo and these were the last times I would see these people that I love so much. Sunday all the members were finally back from vacay! 

Funny story, it was testimony meeting, Anz Axson went up so I was going to after him, I stood up to go and then Fratello Capelli closed the meeting so I had to sit back down really fast haha the whole ward started laughing. Great way to get remembered.
taught our other investigator sunday night, in her prayer she prayed I wouldnt go, then said unless its what you (god) want. I cried when we left her house. 


So found out Monday where I am headed. Didnt think I would till Tuesday. Sorella Gjika is going to Pordenone, and Sorella CLAWSON, good buddy from my MTC district is coming to replace me! OH. Im going to TORINO! My mission grandma and mom were both born there. mission born that is haha. I will be with one of Sorella Nelsons dream companions. I leave tomorrow morning.
Its been so stressful trying to see everyone! Said bye to some of my favorite members, theyve been feeding us some good food. taking lots of great pictures this week, so sorry theres like 100. 

nervous, excited, sad, heartbroken. Ive cried so many times haha. this is worse than leaving home no offense guys. I know I will see you all again. Thats not as guaranteed here. 

So after this we are going to go play soccer with some members. i know what you are thinking. im like the best soccer player so they better watch out. then we have more people to say bye to! 



Wednesday, August 28, 2013


{{{{{{{{{{ Idk about you, but Im feelin 22! (name that song) }}}}}}}}}}

CIAO. dont have time really, sorry gang. but hey I am old starting Tomorrow! super strange, i dont feel 22 that is fosho! Sorry to all those who i cant respond to, I love you soooooo much! We went to a super pretty lake today near Brescia, pictures next week! And next pday I will be writing you about where I am going next! Pretty positive I will be leaving my beloved Bergamo. Walch will be done training and I have been here for 6 months.
This week, 3 new bap dates yayyy. Miracles, made a goofy music video with Walch to a lameee Group. Went to a funeral in a catholic Church which was all in spanish, we make up random band names in our spare bored time...idk what else really to say haha. Walch got a package of sour patch kids, i was pleased.
Really diggin pasta and tuna fish sandwiches all the time. ohhhh missionary life. lost weight tho. LOVE YOU ALL SOOO DANG MUCH.
I am an old granny. Be handin out pass along cards with my cane. Get to go to my fav members for lunch Tomorrow for my bday and another is buying me gelato yay!
haha okay ciaozies!
Sorella Gillette

**EMAIL FROM 8/21/13***

super short piccolo email
Okay so, I suck at multitasking trying to talk  to everyone here and read all my emails. I have had a consistent flow of love over my mission thus far, grazie mille. 
Totally just saw a photo from my Mission grandma, Mission mama, Mission mama, Slla Lopez's mama, and Sorella Wolfgramm, all at the SLC temple! AHHH jealous! excited for those mission reunion days! 
Comunque. Had to go to Milano last week to take my comp to the doctor. Dont order hamburgers in Italy people, you will be sad. 
We have had some good lessons this week. 3 new investigators, a couple from South America, seems super promising, they are so elect! 
Some sad things happening to the people we love out here. Marriage problems up the wazoo. Not only does the mission make you want to get married, but you def learn how to treat people and the importance of an eternal companion.
Gosh who am I? haha. 
Well, I will be 22 the next time yall read my emails! Oldest missionary in Bergamo pretty sure haha. yeahhh budddy. 

Allora, love you all tons, keep writing. I love hearing your stories and hearing about your miracles. Yall can send me some doritos and mountain dew too. or a postcard. its always nice getting all these emails, but sometimes its nice to run to the mail bag, search through the mail, find your name, yell and scream, everyones jealous and jumps into the bag. i hope this is a good visual haha. 


Thursday, August 15, 2013

EMAIL FROM 8/14/13**

TITLED - lumaca nel baccio  --- 
{I looked this up on Google and it said "SNAIL IN THE KISS"  ??}


I figured a random subject for each letter was a good way to spice it up. Can you believe I have been out for 6 months? Still mind blowing. Comunque, GRAZIE a tutti for the emails I have received, lots of friends wrote me and made me feel loved! Shoutouts and snaps. 
So august is super difficult haha. BUT some super rad miracles ieri. We were headed to an appt in Albino, had to go from Villa d'Alme to Albino, like an hour! bus to centro, tram to the end. I know none of you know what I am talking bout but anywhos, it was with this lady we met like 2 weeks ago and hadnt been able to meet up with. 
We get lost, life's hard without google maps. 
We see old investigator Bac riding his bike right next to us, bam make an appt for sat then he tells us where to go for our appt. THEN we get to our appt, find out her hubby is there and I was a little worried just because I pictured someone not super happy to hear from us, on the contrary! Cute little south american couple, the hubby comes out, we teach both of them, bam 2 new investigators! they both were pretty interested and attentive and so elect! trying to schedule a good time where we can come back. And she has a brother serving his mission right now in Lima. Ya i know right? 
Then leaving we ran into a less active on his bike and he chatted with us to the tram stop. 
Our other solid investigator seems to be having some difficulties, couldnt come to church last week, bout to pop out her 3rd baby. But she is the sweetest and called us today sorry that she didnt get to see us yesterday. 
So we are working with some pretty radly elect ppl right now. 
Friday we have to go to Milano bc Sorella Walch has been having severe hip problems for like a month. too bad I cant say hip in italian haha. 
Not much to say, too lazy to go through my planner to talk about everything haha, today was a lazy pday. literally baked and sewed like old hags haha. Idk if yall know this but i can cook now! all stove and oven baby. Im gonna whip up some bomb meals when I get home, stand back everyone, sorella gillette wont be eating tv dinners on the daily! sike probs will, way easier lol. 
Also they have made some mission rules stricter..yayyy. 

Wells I love you and miss you, Still got a year left to witness miracles. Side note, one of our new converts was totally killin it in gospel principles and explaining some topics to a less active. YEAH BUDDY.

Sorella Gillette

EMAIL FROM 8/7/13 *

A raccoon bit my lip     - {I don't know why she picked this title}

So numbers wise this week, we havent been super sucessful, Agosto is the month of vacay for everyone..but...DONT CARE! Still seeing hardcore miracles!
1. finally taught an inactive woman who was active my first transfer, told us how she was so confused about religion, had all these questions, she is going through a divorce. She couldnt answer if God was her Father in Heaven. I whipped out so many scriptures about how He is our literal father and how he loves us, why its so important we pray to him with real intent. She doesnt feel worthy to pray. PISH POSH. Dont ever think that people. So long story short I felt like I wasnt saying the right things and my italian wasnt good enough to help her, wasnt sure how the lesson was by the end of it.
THE NEXT DAY. she sends us a text saying how she was so grateful for our visit, she asked if he prayed for her, if so, she could feel it, if not, it mustve been our visit. she was really reflecting on everything we talked about. OF COURSE WE PRAYED. Ahh miracolo! So beautiful that she wrote us that text.
2. Same day, we got 2 cancellations, I was like okay lets go visit one of my fav members, its like a 20 min walk. I call her up and ask if we can stop by, of course shes down. We arent supposed to have dinner appts with members but it was right before dinner time and we wouldnt be eating with her but i was just thinking it was a good idea. So we are chatting it up with her and her son that just got back from a mission. Then we start talking about her sister who is inactive, turns out she was on her way over! So we share the same spritual thought we are sharing with most members right now, the nature of God, importance of prayer and answers through the spirit. We tweak it a bit depending on each lesson.
So we are reading scriptures, asking questions, the RM is throwing out bomb answers. We ask the sister how do we pray, then had her read a scripture and then Walch is like, so how do you feel about that. She ends up bearing a beautiful testimony of prayer and crying! i got teary eyed too.
3. I started talking to a dude at a bus stop, went over to go teach him, his Whole family was there! Mom, sister and Brother, we taught the full restoration for an hr and a half and they understood the book of mormon so well and were so excepting! they are such a beautiful family, we are so excited! They are from Ghana, yay African mission!
4. We got home early from English class, I was like lets go hit up the park, were walking around, getting shut down left and right, it was kind of funny, one guy cut me off, me: possiamo con- him:no no no no, his friend: bahahaha!
lol so were headed back to the house after almost and hr and we Always say buongiorno to errybody, then! african dude on a bike says Good day to us all nice like, i turn around and he looked back at me too so i turned after him and was like "CAN I ASK YOU A QUESTION?!"
End up talking to him about the BOM and he just moved here from verona, doesnt know anyone, doesnt speak italian and was just at the park asking God FOR DIRECTION IN HIS LIFE AND FOR A MIRACLE!!!! Ahh he was like I am so happy I met you! Today is going to be a good day!
SO ya that was only the last two days! Sunday Osato got the priesthood, Ylenia got a call about a job and said it was a blessing from going to Church, then another quick miracle!
So our investigator with a baptism date who is soooo awesome, her hubby is a member and a famous singer is Nigeria, ya we have his cd. he is a member. they were supposed to come to Church and didnt! so we would have to move her date back. I called them and told them to come to Church in the evening ward and we would go with them. called them 2ce about it. THEY ENDED UP GOING! And wore african attire. YES. It was fast and testimony meeting, Ziggy went up there and bore testimony about how we kept calling him up and he was feeling bad from that morning for not being able to go to Church, said that our calls were a big testimony to him that God lives and loves us.
I was thinking we would annoy them, but NO! The gospel is never annoying hahaha.
This was so long, but I didnt want to forget these things.

Monday, August 5, 2013

** Email from 7/31/13 **

Can I have your Hamburger chips?

That question is the latest quote from my companion. Yes they sell hamburger chips out here with a big american flag on em, you can taste the meat, cheese and pickles. italians are cray. 

So I spent some time writing people back today, so my letter will be short. Plus to save errybody the grief of reading an obnoxiously long letter. OUR NEW CONVERT GETS THE PRIESTHOOD SUNDAY. needless to say when I found out I danced a jig in the foyer. He was so excited too. "I will be a priest, I can baptize Destiny (their baby boy.)" That night we stopped by and brought him a tie, he was so giddy and smiley. Him and his wife starting speaking their African language and I cant even try to follow along haha. We are so happy for him. 

Dont remember if I mentioned but now we are apart of the Lecco district, strange changes in the mission. But we got to go thereon Monday for district meeting and my buddy Anz Murphy is in our district, along with Anz Guzzle who is from my MTC group! I cant get over how much I love all the people in this mission. Comunque Lecco is like the prettier version of Bergamo haha its only 45 mins away via train. and they have a gorgeous lake, we ate some nasty kebab on the dock of the lake. 

So our anziani found an ancient area book from like ten years ago in their apartment from the sorelle of ancient times. Since I opened, I have never been able to do area book finding. It was the most frustrating day of my life yesterday going thru that book. It took forever to organize and some missionaries didnt put addresses or phone numbers of people. Impossible. BUT we have a lesson tonight with the last person I called yesterday. after I made the apt I read their sheet and they had baptism dates before. So excited! only a couple other people actually answered their phones and we have an apt sat with one and in a few weeks we will hit up 2 more. 
EVERYONE goes on vacation during August. Kind of a pain.

I was thinking maybe the reason I stayed here is for this area book! 
also because ylenia prayed in our lesson that I wouldnt leave. haha Im going to ball like a baby when that day comes. 

LOVE YOU ALL. Miss your guts. Send packages...hint hint. haha.
Sorella Gillette

Thursday, July 25, 2013

** EMAIL FROM 7/24/13 **

First of all, the BAPTISM was amazingly awesome. Anz Axson dunked em both, Colemere confirmed Osato with the Holy Ghost and a member from the ward did it for Favour. We had a little party for them after, we were worried members wouldnt come but the turnout was way better than it seemed like it was going to be. menomale. us 4 girls knelt down in the kitchen for members to show up. miracles! we are going over to their house today to talk about temple marriage! yayyy.

secondo, TRANSFER NEWS. I am staying! so is Gjika! crazy, she will be here for 7 months and I will be here for 6. I am excited, I instantly had new ideas of how to help the ward. We still have some investigators we are working with that have baptism dates for this next transfer, and some that need to reset the dates, but its going to happen! I will finish training Sorella Walch, sucks for her haha. scerzo. But she is my first comp who I will have for more than 1 transfer haha.
Also, Bergamo is now a zone! and theres a copia of sorelle opening up in another ward here, so in total for this transfer thats 14 missionaries in my city! Brescia is also breaking away from the Verona zone to be in the Bergamo zone, along with Lecco who were in the Milano zone. so glad we dont have to travel as much, I am so broke! 20 bucks every trip to Verona. But its sad to not be with everyone like before.

My mission is going by fast, theres only a year left starting like next week!

Today we went to Brescia and checked out the castle with the Brescia Anziani, we didnt know where it was so they had to show us. Theres a Wild Wild West burger joint in the mall, ordering an american burger in italian is super funny. they had little indian stuff and wagons everywhere haha. like a crappier version of texas roadhouse lol. like always, i forget tons of stuff to say.
The work is good, gotta work harder, really want to work with less actives more this transfer. read ezekiel 34:6 and luke 15:4-7. dope. Also, bugs still like me, got a bite the size of a baseball thats hard as a rock. no biggie. all about that sweet blood.

MISS YOU. LOVE YOU. Loveee hearing about the miracles back home.
In the words of most Africans we meet,
We thank Jesus.
Ciaozies! Gilletti.

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

*** EMAIL FROM 7/17/13 ***

That is a quote from the mish pres on the phone once. haha loved it. So everytime I write I feel like I forget so much to talk about. Just some main points. WE HAVE 2 BAPTISMS THIS SATURDAYYYY!!!! STOKEEEDDDDD. Our Nigerian couple, love them. they are so funny and elect beyond belief. I feel like I am serving my mission in Africa right now. Most of the people we are teaching are african, same with alot of the other missionaries in Bergamo right now. Operation:Africa is in effect. So excited to send pics next week.
Bummer, didnt get to go to Venezia after all, life long dream crushed! ha no biggies, i will serve close to venice at some point hopefully. 
So I think I will get transfered next week, time to start making some guesses! I will let yall know next week, i find out monday or tuesday. Not much else to say, good lessons, gettin them bap dates! Anxious for Saturday and next week to see my fate, pretty sure everyone is getting switched up.
Slla Gillette