Thursday, June 19, 2014

** 6/18/14 **

scambi, conferenza, e mini America

Well it's just been so eventful that I don't know what to include. Lot's of scambi have happened, I got to go to the American base again! Really not looking forward to Taco Bell anymore. It is overrated. 

We had zone conference with 3 zones and I got to see some old friends like my Woodsy! It was a really cool one this time, we all got to destroy a box with a wooden stick as part of a training the APs did. haha. 

We also had an activity last week, a BBQ with our english class with all american food. The anziani were so generous and gave us the BBQ sauce and ranch left over...I have been trying to spread the love to all food-trunky missionaries.

In the conference we had, Sorella Vardeu gave her dying testimony diciamo. I got really choked up thinking that the next one I hear will be mine and that that was my last zone conference. When we sang the mission hymn, I didn't even fist pump at the parts I usually do, I was holding back tears. 

I'm in the whole 'I only have 7 weeks to become a perfect missionary and save the world' bit. So many things I have always wanted to do or say or become, so it's scary that my time is so limited now. Transfers are next week, so fast! Idk if I will die here in Mestre. But I am happy with the fact that I am not bothered either way. I have figured out a bit of the life lessons I have learned. I am totally at ease knowing that I will go wherever He thinks is best. On our last scambio yesterday with the sorelle of Verona 1, Sorella Jones said something profound. Along the lines of how at the beginning she thought she didn't have faith, but in reality, of course she did! She came on a mission, was obedient, tried her best to do what she came here to do. And I feel like I felt the same way. God is a god of encouragement, not telling you what you aren't perfect at. 

I am only a STL so I can learn from all these other sorelle. They are all soooo gooood.

To add on to events, yesterday we went over to my favorite people in this city, our little Filipini couple! It was their anniversary and I forgot! But get this, they made me my favorite filipino food! and they bought peach juice just because they knew it was my favorite! Ahhh I just want to put them in my pocket!! 

So here's the real question: Can I just stay? haha. Or maybe just go home for a month and come right back? #alwaysbeenmissiontrunky

It's cool, Pres Monson will change it to 2 years after I am released haha. 


Read Alma 24. Figure out what your swords are that you need to bury! (learned this on scambio too.)

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