Wednesday, June 4, 2014

** 6/4/14 **

Walk a little tight rope

When you hear a song from your life before, it just gets stuck in you head forever. 

Okay a few awesome miracles. This week was magic. 

New investigator from Germany, her husband is an inactive who decided to be Muslim...still believes in the Book of Mormon tho, very interesting lessons haha. We set a bap date with her!! Super cool scambio miracle! We have met with them twice and they are suchhhh chill hippies! She already started reading the Book of Mormon!

Also on Monday, we had a few extra minutes waiting for a bus by the station, so I decide to pass by another inactive, a cute little Filipina lady who is never home anyways, let's just call her E. so I felt like it would be pointless. We ring the citofono. Nada. Then a filipino man comes out and recognizes us and he is like "Oh yeah I am mormon too, just inactive." Haha long story short we set up an appointment with him and he has a non-member girlfriend and they all live with the other filipina. It's a goldmine Filipino party. 

We go upstairs to see if the original lady, E, is still home, we then meet the girlfriend, who I have meet before at the house. We confirm the appointment with her and guess who just so happens to have a Book of Mormon in Tagalog (the main Filipino language)? ME! Longer story of miracles short, we have met with them 3 times now! On the second visit (we will call the couple Kaleb and Jackie haha) E was there with another roommate who became an investigator before who I had only met with once, we all watch the Restoration video together. Kaleb gets teared up. E cries. We set bap dates with Jackie and the other investigator, let's call her A.
SO. yesterday we visit Kaleb and Jackie, Jackie read again! She wrote down a scripture that she randomly flipped to after she prayed before opening the Book of Mormon. She wrote it down word for word on a piece of paper and read it to us. I am pretty sure it was Jacob 5:7 se non mi sbaglio. She started crying of how her faith is unshakable! I even got teary. And she offered the opening prayer, "thank you for my Sisters, Strong and Gillette." I teared up too. #sapsesh

Well, lots of other awesome things have happened making this week miraculous. I feel like the water is about to boil here in Mestre!

So after the mission, remind me to tell you the story of the "Fog of the Peacock"'s pretty funny secondo me. 
And ya, we bike ogni the rain. I am a pansy.

Slla G.

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