Thursday, February 14, 2013

** 1st Email from Kassi at the MTC - 2/14/13 ** (I added the bold/italics / I did cut a few sentences that were for me)

 please just write physical letters instead
 I cant even print out any emails so its nice to be able to keep my letters and reread them if i want. letters are like GOLD around here. the first couple days i was like the only person to not get mail, bummy! not many have written me as much as my friends. I LOVEEEE THE MTC. it is so fun. i have already experienced so much in this passed week. feels like i have been here for forever. btw the keyboard is messed up so i am not really able to use correct punctuation haha. anyways i will try to tell you as much as i can about  this past week. i was having a hard time the first two days. such an emotional rollercoaster like i said. i prayed to have energy and to be able to do all the things i needed to. the next day i was so energized, and that has been consistent all week. such an immediate answer to prayer. i am not even tired at the end of the day. then the next day i wanted to have a really awesome spiritual experience to increase my faith. later on that day the anziani (elders) and sorelle (sisters) were all in the classroom during our personal study time and my companion, sorella Montognoli, her good friend who is in another district was crying in the hall. She found out from her mom that her friend committed suicide. so my companion was outside the classroom trying to console her friend. Montognoli was crying too. when she came back in the room it was just me her and 4 other anziani, one of them suggested we pray. another suggested we pray on our knees. we did and it was great. a few minutes later montognoli was back in the hallway hugging her friend and anziani gemmell (cool guy from new zealand) stepped out and brought them into the classroom and closed the door. right before this the other two sorelle in my district came into the room. anyway at first we didnt know what was going on. man i am getting chills writing this. but instantly all the anziani stood and grabbed a chair for the sister, they all got up to give her a blessing and i was completely shocked by just the fact that these goofy 19 year old boys instantly stood to use their priesthood power. anziani gemmell gave the most beautiful blessing i have ever heard. i was choking back tears. when they all stood i was washed with the spirit. it was such an amazing experience to be apart of. when he was done, he sat down and said he was exhausted haha. it really showed not only the power of the priesthood but how much they valued it. i have also had a lot of my questions and concerns answered through lessons and devotionals and stuff. we are all being constantly converted if we are striving for it. i know i am out here to help other families come to christ. we started teaching mock lessons with a fake investigator on day 2! and have been doing it almost everyday since. ya day 2 teaching in italian. at one lesson i actually bore my testimony in italian just winging it style. it was so awesome. when my companion and i walked out of the room we just hugged each other and were teary because the spirit was so strong. not to mention i was able to teach with the 2 other girls in my district, sorella lopez and clawson. we were a trio for the day long story short. anyways i was translating some things to them that they didnt pick up! ive learned a lot in a small amout of time and man it is hard work! theres no time for anything!! thats why an i really want you to encourage people to write me on dear elder or physical mail, i dont get as much lovin as everyone else haha.and i can read those anytime! emailing is so hard! my pdays are thrs like i said and we go to the temple around 1 ish for the 120 session. pretty nice to be out and about. i have been really proud of myself on a daily basis here. i have written in my journal almost every night. i know this is HIS church and the holy ghost testifies the truth to us. we are blessed with faith and miracles by just putting forth an effort!

 i have so much to tell you but not enough time. btw i have pics but i cant send em here, wont work.can you send me real photos:: love you!!!!!
Sorella Gillette!!!

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