Tuesday, February 19, 2013

I got a letter from Sorella Kassandra Gillette in the mail today!

She wants to apologize to anyone that emailed her and she didn't reply, she ran out of time. She only gets 30 minutes to read them and reply.  She said emailing is a sick joke there and don't even bother emailing.  :)

so she can have the letters in hand to have time to read and maybe write a letter back to you.
NO MORE EMAILS PLEASE   :) You can also use regular mail if you prefer.
I have copied the emails and pasted them into a letter for everyone that had an unread email on her account. As she asked me to do.

*** SO GO TO ***
click on write a letter - choose   PROVO MTC MISSION  then enter your info then hers
Sister Kassandra Gillette
Mailbox # 237  Mission code  ITA-MIL 0320  estimated departure date is  3/19/13
It is free while she is at the MTC, once she gets to Italy I think it will cost $1.10 (same as mailing a letter I guess but faster delivery and easier)

She is very very busy there. Not time for anything!  Including going to the bathroom.. LOL

She also mentioned they aren't allowed to say Dude, Guys or Man there, so she is struggling with that. LOL

Anyone else about to go on a mission might want to take some things that aren't mentioned in the book. At least I don't think they are. (or she forgot to pack them to)  She is asking for me to send them to her.

SHOWER SHOES (flip flops)
SMALL FLASHLIGHT ( I don't know if she wants to use it for reading at night or what)
I just thought that might help the future Missionaries  :)
God Bless you ALL! And Good Luck!

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