Thursday, February 28, 2013

Email received today 2/28/13 from Sorella Gillette!

So i had a super good convo with Sorella Bucco and Sorella Lopez last night, we are all super good buds. There's 6 of us in the room and 4 of us are in the same district. Sorella Bucco and Reichardt are in the neighboring district. Sorella Lopez, her collega Sorella Clawson, and then me and my collega are all like a quad since we are always together we usually just stick together. so it's really cool that i have like 3 companions. Anywho I am just so pumped that i get to make so many awesome friends that will hopefully last a long time. i love how my social butterfly-self gets to meet so many people all the time! i'll go upstairs in our residence halls to the vending machines and just stay there talking with different sisters and mingling. i met a girl who is in her late twenties like 28 or something who is actually going to the las vegas west mission! i got her address and told her hacienda heights is bumpin. haha. I ran into my friend Rebecca Tudman a little bit ago in the laundry room, I've been looking for her for a week! Super cool. Then my friend Jill Dallin lives on the same floor as me, and I have also seen my friends Emily Smith and Alyssa Witham and we took a picture together. Oh and Raquel Buckley, she lives above me. It's just so cool seeing all these girls that I knew before the mission and how we are all here working our tails off for the same cause going all over! They are all stateside tho. At times I am jealous of my english-speaking friends. I also ran into 2 different Russian speakers I happened to know. Not extremely well but one elder walked past me and I was like whoa! we had a class together, we were in the same group and you've been to my apartment before haha. he's on my floor in the classroom building. Ahh i just love it. I cant believe we have passed the halfway point. I AM SO EXCITED TO GO TO ITALY. I already know Anziano Fuller and Sorella Clawson will be on the same row as me on the long plane ride. I hear the plane ride is almost 24 hours but I am so stoked. I was so nervous about the language and wiggin out to myself, but I was really humbled by Sorella Bucco. I am able to give other people advice about not worrying about it but then if I wig out I can't give myself the same advice! haha I prob mentioned this in my letter but I can't do this without having faith in Heavenly Father. I still have so much to learn and grow in the gospel and my faith needs to continue to increase, but I have felt like I have learned so much already. i need to give myself a break! it's only been 3 weeks and i am teaching in italian haha. IT'S CRAZY! 
Oh btw I wanted to express my gratitude for the multitude of letters you have sent. i look forward every night to our dear elders! we live for them! and thanks so much for having dad write me, i was so excited! and he wrote alot too! I am so impressed with the testimony you are developing and how you are striving to feel the spirit. I share all my good news with my district and they are all so happy for me! even when they found out i got my package they all were super happy for me. i just love them. we all care so much about each other! 
in my letter i told you how ive been part of the mtc choir cause my collega wanted to, eventually our whole district joined so we can get seats for the devotionals. well it payed off this week because AN APOSTLE CAME. M. Russell Ballard spoke to us all on Tuesday. i actually think you can look at byutv and see the mtc devotionals, if so, you will see me in the choir haha for the past few weeks. anyways he had a ton of super good quotes that i would like to share. first off, he expressed how insane it is that the lord relies on the youth! Mary was 14 when she had Christ, Joseph Smith was 14, Sam, David, us as missionaries! We are just kids going out and helping people have an eternal salvation with the families for forever and rescuing their souls. NO BIG DEAL. Anziano Sorensen pointed out that the apostles have the title of Elder and so do the missionaries. They have the same title as the apostles because they are sharing the gospel. It's huge! 
"He's learning to trust us as we trust Him." "Remember you know an awful lot about the gospel of Jesus Christ." "You will not shrink 1 min from carrying out your work." "capture the vision of what you have to offer the world." 
He also talked about how our generation will lead the church eventually and how we are the ones experiences all these changes and are being prepared to serve him in the future. I guess every week the apostles get together in the temple and pray for us. I think they do it on thrs :) 
Last week the mission dept director spoke and said we are god's warriors. and to remember who's name we represent on our badge. HEAVY. 
Man there's so much to share and so little timeeee! 
Please continue to mail me these emails through dear elder, that was really helpful. I am excited to go out in the field and be able to have an hr to spend. BTW suitcases are 60 a pop, they are pretty nice and super lightweight! idk if i should get one or 2 and just leave my crummy ones here haha. let me know asap okay! time is flying by, only 2 and a half weeks left, maybe less. we find out next week our detailed travel plans. ahhhhhhh!!!!. 
Ti Voglio Bene! Io so che questo vangelo e vero, Io sono molto felice per che lo Spirito Santo auita me ogni giorni. 
Ciao! Sorella Gillette

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