Wednesday, May 28, 2014

** 5/28/14 **

mi dispiachh

So we screwed ourselves on pday. half an hour forinternet. But I am printing everyone's emails, even all the forwards (first time for everything) and I haven't received any in about a transfer so I am stoked to stalk my dearies again. 
Side note the keyboard is whack here. Miracle. I found little mermaid for 9 euro.
Well quickly, We had some crazy cool miracles, I set a bap date on a scambio on Monday with a brand new investigator! long story short her husband was baptized 10 yrs ago, kinda fell off the face of the earth I guess, he seemed super interested still and had a testimony of everything and I was like dang he is totally coming back! Then at the end of the lesson after we invited his wife to baptism he was like, Oh btw didn't I tell you guys I am muslim now? hahaha. He even brought his prayer rug with him I guess lol. They are super hardcore hippies but really chill people as you can imagine. 

We got 4 new investigators last week, which is the first time in like a month that we have investigators haha. I will have to explain those miracles later. 

Ummm...I love you? haha. 

Read your scriptures erryday! 
Sorella Gillette       

Kassi and her previous companions Dad that stopped in to say hi, Mr. Montagnoli, her new companion, and the elder in the middle is from our new ward! Anziano Lindsey.. Small world after all!

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