Thursday, March 14, 2013


Ciao Famiglia!
Come state? Molto Bene? Bravissimo!
(totally just copied that from the Anziano next to me haha)
I am so excited! Not even too nervous, I am just pumped beyond belief! Big shout out to all of the people that have been constistently writing me throughout my time here, Everyone can still use dear elder to write me in the field, idk if it works as fast but I still would love mail! And sorry to everyone for being so slow about writing, I wish I could just dear elder back! Word on the street is they might be changing it for all missionaries so we can email everyone while we are in the field...hope so!
And I am going to be better about writing my emails haha they are always so scattered.
I get to call home! I bought a calling card, our flights plans are:
Meet up at the travel office here at 8, our flight in SLC is at 1130 and we fly to Chi town and land at 340, we have a delay until 6, then we hit London at 645 AM, leave London 930 AM and land in Milan around 1230. AHHHHH. There's 27 or so people of Milanos all travelling together, those folks on the planes are gonna be sick of hearing about the gospel by the time we are done with them haha. It's going to be so much fun and DUDEEE LONDON?! Errybody knows I have always wanted to go there. It's just the airport but shootz.
Mom, I am sending a box of stuff home to you, I'll have letters inside, my extra bed sheets, and my ipod cause I guess it's not allowed in my mission :/
Okay so this week, I don't really know what we did, it's gone by pretty fast. I hope the rest of my mission slows down. Learning lots of different conjugation tenses, sucks! Sometimes I do wish I went English speaking, but I know the language will come and it will be better once we are there. Let's seeeeee. So as you know we teach lessons to our teachers who play the role of someone they knew on their mission, and we had one instance last week where we go into a lesson, our teacher Fratello Cena who is pretending to be Luca, a somewhat atheist person, is like "Hey I need to tell you what happened." So I'm thinkin like ohh crud he isn't going to want us to come back! What kind of curve ball is happenin here?! He then proceeds to tell us how his uncle was in a car accident, a pretty bad one. and our previous lesson was about the Holy Ghost and the major power it is in our life. So he said he thought of our lesson and prayed, and instantly felt peace and calm. Even tho this is all fake, and keep in mind this is all in italian, I was getting a little choked up! Not to sound super cheese or anything but I was feeling the spirit when he was telling us that personal experience. I didn't even know what to say I only said "bello" at first. So that was a cool experience. We teach at TRC every Monday, volunteers come in and are just normal members and we just teach member lessons, well last time we talked about the word of widsom with this guy who was kind of an odd ball haha but it went super well! I don't use notes or the vocab book anymore and of course my Italian is super broken but I was able to bear my testimony about the blessings of the word of widsom and how our spirits are more receptible to the Holy Ghost and pretty much the influence of the entire Godhead, when we are keeping our bodies like a temple. I even talked about you, Mom, how I have seen the blessings in your life this past year and the impact it has had on you. I am so proud of you. My comp didn't know that about you and she was like "Why didn't you tell me? that's awesome?!" I'm like idk not really a conversation starter, the word of wisdom in your family hahaha. anyways it's totally true, if the temple is the Lord's house, and we treat our bodies like a temple, we are inviting that incredible influence into our lives.
I am also in Ether 5 I think right now. There's only like 20 more chapters to read in the entire Book of Mormon. My goal was to read it before the field and I am totally going to do that. I am proud of myself! This is my first time reading it cover to cover, which is pretty sad for a missionary but whatevs haha. I am understanding things a lot more now.
Today was our last temple session for 17 months! Super crazy! The four of us girls all put our arms around each other in the Celestial room and looked in the mirror. Super cheese but it was cool haha. I am sad my little district crew won't all be together :/ I love them! Seriously best friend status man.
So ma, I'm going to try to call you in salt lake and chicago, for sure chi town. dunno how it's going to be in salt lake like how crazy it will be with all of us. I will call you using quarters first in case you dont answer the first time, i guess there's 500 mins on the card and it will take 130 a call regardless if you use it or not. super lame. oh i bought two suitcases already, im just leaving those 1970s granny wheelers here. I will try to hop on again and send photos, this comp doesnt do it.
(It means I love you.)
Side note, i'll need 200 for a bike i believe when i get there, and 100 for travels. 51 bucks for sure is for the 2nd suitcase.
Tell Maiyah I love her and I need her MTC address dear eldered to me asap so i can just leave the letter here for her, feel me?
Sorella Gillette

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