Wednesday, March 20, 2013


Kassi's plane landed in Milan, Italy this morning 3/20/13 
around 4:30 am Las Vegas time 12:30 pm Italy time. Italy is 8 hours ahead of  Las Vegas time.
An Italian Elder called from her Mission Presidents Office this morning around 7:30 am to let me know she has arrived safely! 
*She has been called to serve in  the city of Bergamo, Italy.*
That is about 40 km North East of Milan. 
The Swiss Alps begin immediately North of town!

Her P-day will be Wednesday's starting next week 3/27/13!
Her new companions name is Sister Bunker!

Here are a few pictures of Bergamo I found on the internet.

Her mailing address is now -

Sorella Kassandra Gillette
Italy Milan Mission
Via Antonio Gramsci 13/2
20090 Opera Mi  Italy

I don't know how that works yet. I guess somehow they will get her the letters.
I believe you can still use but now use the Milan, Italy address. I think it will now cost $1.10. That is the cost of the stamp. 
As soon as I found out more I will post it.


  1. Can we still use the US post office? Or does that have an extra cost since it's international?

    1. Hi Paul...
      The cost of the stamp is $1.10. You can use the post office if you want to but it may take longer to reach her. I used and it costs the same as a stamp and they will mail it out by 12 pm everyday Monday-Friday.