Thursday, March 7, 2013

Email from Sorella Kassi Gillette today! 3/7/13
The first line she is referring to us moving to California!

THAT IS AWESOME. i just wrote you a letter but i am SOOO HAPPY FOR YOU. i am so happy for us! i know the lord is blessing you while i am away and for your desire to come to Christ. I am so excited for you guys! i can't believe all this is happening. i go to italy in 12 days, we get our travel plans tonight so i wont be able to tell you about them until next thrs. ;/ and we leave the following tuesday. I AM SO EXCITED. i love the mtc and i could totally stay 9 weeks like how it used to be, but i know i will learn the language better in the country. i have learned a lot, but i still have many miles to go. it's a struggle but it is a trial of my faith. i have learned so much about how i have been a slacker! the gospel is soooo important! and so intricate. i think i told you how they say you are constantly strengthening your testimony and reconverting yourself when you are striving to do what you know you need to do. i feel like i have had a few reconversion moments. i wrote you this but, i was in the celestial room this morning after doing initiatories, and i was reading in 3 nephi. i am almost done with it, want to finish it before i go to italy. half of the book is about when christ visits the nephites, i read part of it, it's chapter 17 i think? talking about how christ prayed for them to heavenly father and how it was so miraculous that they couldnt write it down in detail. it was beyond description. i got teary eyed. ive never gotten emotional over scriptures or in the temple as far as i can remember. so that was a big deal. i can attribute several moments here to my testimony strengthening. 
I was on my email account so we chatted for a few minutes! It was AWESOME!

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