Thursday, March 7, 2013

Last email of the week from Kassi!  3/7/13

Okay so funny story of the week. Anziano Sloan and i wanted to know how to say excited, cause we were excited to be hosts this week. Our teacher sorella fairbanks was saying you have to use contento, which is like content. so we're like, okay that bites, WE'RE SO....content. hahah. later on I look it up in the dictionary and find the word for excited. So we were kind of all chatty and I holler across the room to Sloan and say "Hey sloan! (whatever the word was for excited." and he didn't hear me so I was like "Io sono (word for excited)." which is i am excited. my teacher looked at me and was like NOOO. hahah then my comp just busted up laughing and I then realized what it was I really said hahahaha. Anz. Sloan and like one other person who heard it busted up too. I was laughing so hard and turned bright red. i literally shouted across the room to an elder and told him I was a dirty way hahahaha. so funny. I'll never use a dictionary again.

Io so che questo vangelo e vero. Io so che Padre Celeste e vero. Il libro di mormon e il parole di Dio. Io sono molto grato per L'Espiazione e Lo Spirito Santo. Io sono molto grato per la mia famiglia e i miei amici. Ti Voglio Bene!!
Sorella Gillette


She is so funny!!

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