Wednesday, June 12, 2013

** Email from 6/12/13 !

So I have a tally going, I have now cried 3 times in the field thanks to today. Totally cried reading my moms email, she gets baptized in a few days. words cannot describe how i feel or how humbled i am that Heavenly Father answers prayers and life is just so beautiful.
So today is the last day of the transfer, I am going on my 3rd already! Santa Horchata I am not a greenie anymore. In fact...I AM TRAINING. Super cray. I pick up my greenie daughter Tomorrow. I dont know the Language well enough but I def am going to have to step up my game. I am staying in Bergamo to train her. Its funny that I have had a new comp every single transfer haha it will prob continue this way for a bit with all the new sorelle coming in.
I am nervous but excited. i am super stoked to see all my besties from my Group. Most of us are training I believe. I just love them so much. I am so excited for the rest of my mission. I was really thinking I was either training here or going, its funny that all my comps leave me here after one transfer haha. but i love Bergamo, its home. The members are Amazing and I didnt want to leave Ylenia either. Theres too much work to do, and I am stoked to kick it into gear even more this transfer, gotta train my girl right! Gjika and Nelson are staying too so thats good.
Theres so many great things that have happened this week. Example 2 of when I cried was last week during a lesson with a meno attiva, idk if I already wrote about that. We both were crying, she came to Church this sunday and brought a friend. So rad. Verona for pday last week was gorgeous. I cant believe I am in some of these places, I am in italy people!
Our new convert is doing so wonderfully. she fasted for her sister to stop smoking, twice, without us even knowing! how strong! And watching less actives come back is Amazing. Seeing the power of the spirit and atonement work through them, watching them have that desire to come back is priceless. seriously so grateful that we are instruments for Him.
Wish me luck this week guys, and please keep the letters coming, I might not have time to respond everytime but I absolutely loveee them!
Side note, toats lost weight haha. Its just hard to tell with the layers of skirts and crap haha. Oh pants how I miss you so.
Vi voglio bene, a dopo.
Slla Gillette

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