Thursday, June 27, 2013

** Email from 6/26/13 **

So I kind of took my sweet time reading emails, unfortunately I dont have much time now to write haha oh well, less crud for yall to read. This past week was awesome, we taught 14 lessons and made 5 baptism dates. Within one week, Ive never gotten that many dates in 2 transfers. We are seeing some cool miracles. One already fell off, our new converts sister. sad but thats how it goes. its like a rollercoaster everyday man. super successful then the next minute you are like for reals?? but hey. no complaints. im learning how to be a better missionary and person thats for sure. we were in milano yesterday and had to go to the new missionary conference, milano is huge mind you, and we were by ourselves without anyone else. totally got us thru the metro system from different lines and found my way to the church. i was super proud. even asked someone where to find the other line for the metro. my italian is getting better, still got miles to go tho. 
i had to give a talk in church sunday about when and why i decided to go on a mission. i was so nervous! speaking italian in front of a bunch of italians! the bishops little old mama was in the front row smiling at me with glossy eyes and that made me feel better. 

in fatti on sunday we had 2 ppl in church, crazy story. so were on the tram a few days ago and this nigerian dude starts talkin to us, ive actually seen him around before and had like a 2 second convo with him. hes like oh wheres your church i will come sunday and bring my like in shock haha. so he actually shows up with his wife and baby, im sitting with them, and i hand him a book of mormon in the middle of sacrament, i could tell they werent really getting alot out of it cause idk if they know italian too well. not reallly the best place to explain the book of mormon but i felt like i should give it to him then. so then hes like oh, can i give you my address and you can explain more. hahaha im like um freak yes! so we go there that night, they are asking the perfect questions and then hes like well if we start coming to your church every sunday do we need to be baptized? hahaha are you serious? that never happens. bam baptism dates! then we saw his wife the next night and taught her the plan of salvation and she said she loved it. 

idk if i forgot to mention this last time but another cool story. 

okay so were doin some parco a week ago, pass up this opportunity to talk to this man and i felt bad, bout an hr later after roaming around this huge park we go back and home boy is still chillin on the bench. im like heck yes. slla walch is like, you know what would suck? if he totally left as soon as we get over there....he does! as soon as we get closer he gets up, so then im going stealthy stalking him around the other side to meet him on his way out of the park, we pass by this little filipino man on the bench and i said buongiorno to him and he smiled really nicely and said the same back. without a second passing i literally stopped, turned around, starting talking to him, sat on the bench, and we ended up teaching the full restoration, gave him a book of mormon and he accepted a soft baptism invite. haha. 
the other dude i was chasing after ironically only moved to sit on a different bench! he ended up leaving during our lesson tho.
it was super funny cause my poor trainee was just confused at what i was doing haha. 

the hardest thing is having ppl actually meet you for return appts! idk how to avoid no shows, ppl are sooo flaky. we get more bedoni than real lessons. its all good. 
well, come sempre, vi voglio bene. grazie per tutto. ciao la mia gente!
slla Gillette

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