Wednesday, July 10, 2013

*** Email from 7/10/13 ***

So here is the generale email for this week peeps.
I have a hard time even remembering what has happened, I suck at writing in my journal, theres never enough time. Me and the girls have way too much fun together at the house. Quick low down i guess..We got two more baptism dates this week, super cool. both first lessons too. One is from Bolivia the other Ghana. I want to start an African branch in Bergamo. Totes my goal. Going along with that, our two other baptism dates, the cute couple with the adorable baby, are soooo elect its ridiculous. I dont feel like I have anything to do with it and its true. Everyone talks about all these things we should do as missionaries, which is totes right, we should be doing all these things, but ultimately I feel like if we stubble upon the elect it has nothing to do with us cause they are ready. Their baptism is in 10 days! Soo excited! They have the best questions and are so sweet and funny. Im trying to get them to teach me some Benin, their tribal language.
 The husband is always like, "Its too hard, you cant do it." Then he finally taught me Sunday after church and when his wife came out of the bathroom I said it to her and he just busted up giggling. Yesterday the wife was like, so we cant have coffee or tea like this? and she showed us the coffee so Im thinking ahhh crap. But then she was like "ya I stopped drinking it when you told me to." ahhhh. We totally reexplained some things about it, but man it was cool. The husband was like "so after I am baptized I will become a missionary and get all the Africans to come to church." haha and she was later saying "I talked to my Dad in Nigeria and he always said he loves the white man church, so I told him I was going too, he asked which church and I told him the Church of Jesus Christ and he said he goes to the same church in Nigeria." 
And I am so glad I will be here for it, errybody thinks me and Gjika are leaving Bergamo, since we have been here for a while. Since we have our new mish pres, who really knows he might reshuffle everyone. I am sad to leave, I love the members soo much. Bergamo is home. I want to take the ward with me everywhere I go. Sunday after church we all had a break the fast picnic at the park. it was sooo much fun! Gjika and I played with all the little kids and we ended up having a water fight with all of them, they are so cute. played uno with one of the little girls, then a bunch of us and the older kids played soccer. pretty hard with a pencil skirt. haha
Then it started pouring rain and all the italians ran for cover under a tree haha. 
Also had my first issue with Anti Mormon stuff, had to drop an investigator. Surprises me how much people hate the church. stupid adversary bro. 
Today we are going to San Pelligrino, the place that makes the famous water. its supposed to be pretty and i guess its in our area..who knew. Friday we get to meet Pres Dibb and have interviews, next pday is VENEZIA. and then we are blitzing vicenza. chicka yeah. 
Moral of the story, life is good. waking up in the morning is still super hard, idk if ill ever be a morning person. Always gotta try to be better everyday to be that sacred missionary.
Vi Voglio Bene come sempre.
a dopo.
Gilletti (my nickname since first transfer)
ps for photos this week: the gross things you find in supermarkets and the rain i just told yall about Sunday

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