Wednesday, July 3, 2013

** Email from 7/3/13 **

Today is the day you've been waiting your whole life for-

So here I am tearing up at the computer again after reading my parents email. If the only reason for going on a mission was for my parents to enjoy the blessings of the gospel then that is fine by me. I feel such a reassuring spirit everytime I read my moms email that we REALLY have a loving Heavenly Father that will bless us beyond belief. 
Ive been kind of feeling like I am not as successful or the amazing missionary I want to be yet. I thought I would come out here and just dunk the world and have amazingly spiritual lessons all the time and talk to every single person. But its not always that way. But after I was feeling a little disappointed in myself and was called to repentance of how I need to step up my game, we had 2 really good lessons and had several mini miracles. Thats when I feel happy is when i am teaching lessons and making contacts.
So last week I kind of had this bug bite epidemic haha. Ever heard of chiggers? well i have some gnarly photos to send you of what happened to my legs haha. freaked out every anziano it was hilarious. i still have some problems and im going to be covered in scars for a while. 
but hey thats the mission life right haha.
i also have some pictures of us girls goofin around at night and then of me and my comp with ylenia and jasmine. sure do love them. already invited ylenia to come to thanksgiving next year haha. 
i love bergamo sooo much. 2 of our baptism dates are really progressing, this little family from Nigeria. They are super fun. Hard to understand sometimes tho haha. Even though we are all speaking english, sometimes I think it would be easier if we were speaking Italian. 
We started teaching our new converts mom again, I just love the whole family. Its amazing to see her daughter bear testimony to her and explain things to her. She has grown soo much already, and I mentioned that in the lesson. Her understanding and testimony have grown and you can just see how much more happy she is. I know we are going to be friends for forever. 
And I am very excited for the day, whether it be during the mish or after, when I find out my other investigators get baptized. I really do love them and it kills me that they wont progress or fully accept the restoration or how extremely important this is.
EVERYONE should read the talk by Holland, missionary work and the atonement. one of the best talks ever. how can i complain and say missionary work isnt easy..salvation isnt easy. it was never ever easy for him. when we are rejected, we get a small glipse of how he felt. the greatest life this world has ever known.
thats just me peraphrasing but it sure is powerful. thank you all for being so supportive. Please dont lose track of what is really important in life, HF will bless you in time in the best ways possible.
Vi Voglio tanto bene.
con amore,
slla gillette

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