Wednesday, July 17, 2013

*** EMAIL FROM 7/17/13 ***

That is a quote from the mish pres on the phone once. haha loved it. So everytime I write I feel like I forget so much to talk about. Just some main points. WE HAVE 2 BAPTISMS THIS SATURDAYYYY!!!! STOKEEEDDDDD. Our Nigerian couple, love them. they are so funny and elect beyond belief. I feel like I am serving my mission in Africa right now. Most of the people we are teaching are african, same with alot of the other missionaries in Bergamo right now. Operation:Africa is in effect. So excited to send pics next week.
Bummer, didnt get to go to Venezia after all, life long dream crushed! ha no biggies, i will serve close to venice at some point hopefully. 
So I think I will get transfered next week, time to start making some guesses! I will let yall know next week, i find out monday or tuesday. Not much else to say, good lessons, gettin them bap dates! Anxious for Saturday and next week to see my fate, pretty sure everyone is getting switched up.
Slla Gillette

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