Thursday, July 25, 2013

** EMAIL FROM 7/24/13 **

First of all, the BAPTISM was amazingly awesome. Anz Axson dunked em both, Colemere confirmed Osato with the Holy Ghost and a member from the ward did it for Favour. We had a little party for them after, we were worried members wouldnt come but the turnout was way better than it seemed like it was going to be. menomale. us 4 girls knelt down in the kitchen for members to show up. miracles! we are going over to their house today to talk about temple marriage! yayyy.

secondo, TRANSFER NEWS. I am staying! so is Gjika! crazy, she will be here for 7 months and I will be here for 6. I am excited, I instantly had new ideas of how to help the ward. We still have some investigators we are working with that have baptism dates for this next transfer, and some that need to reset the dates, but its going to happen! I will finish training Sorella Walch, sucks for her haha. scerzo. But she is my first comp who I will have for more than 1 transfer haha.
Also, Bergamo is now a zone! and theres a copia of sorelle opening up in another ward here, so in total for this transfer thats 14 missionaries in my city! Brescia is also breaking away from the Verona zone to be in the Bergamo zone, along with Lecco who were in the Milano zone. so glad we dont have to travel as much, I am so broke! 20 bucks every trip to Verona. But its sad to not be with everyone like before.

My mission is going by fast, theres only a year left starting like next week!

Today we went to Brescia and checked out the castle with the Brescia Anziani, we didnt know where it was so they had to show us. Theres a Wild Wild West burger joint in the mall, ordering an american burger in italian is super funny. they had little indian stuff and wagons everywhere haha. like a crappier version of texas roadhouse lol. like always, i forget tons of stuff to say.
The work is good, gotta work harder, really want to work with less actives more this transfer. read ezekiel 34:6 and luke 15:4-7. dope. Also, bugs still like me, got a bite the size of a baseball thats hard as a rock. no biggie. all about that sweet blood.

MISS YOU. LOVE YOU. Loveee hearing about the miracles back home.
In the words of most Africans we meet,
We thank Jesus.
Ciaozies! Gilletti.

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