Wednesday, September 18, 2013

** Email from 9/11/13 **

Greetings from Torino!
One of the cool things about the apartment is that Sorella Bunker and Sorella Soh have signed the wall, my mamma and granny! So the apartment is superr ghetto fab. Way diff than Bergamo, but menomale we are actually moving apartments! The last two days has been straight cleaning and building furniture at the new place. dont like not doing missionary work for that long.
So my first Sunday was great, the ward is so big and they are SO welcoming! Really warm and sweet people. Feels weird to be the newbie. Had to bear my testimony. It is def better than my first sunday in Italia. Except I notice how much my language sucks haha. Taught too many English speaking Africans the past few months. scherzo. worth it.
My comp, Sorella Condie is super chill. She is only a transfer below me and her language is so good! She had an italian trainer and they were together  for 3 transfers. Condie is from Colorado and went to school at the U.
So I have noticed Torino is a lot more Italian. Its huge, tons of markets, the view is more of the italian city you picture, and theres more italians in general. I never realized how small Bergamo was! But dang gina I miss Bergamo so much! I always bring it up haha I have to make an effort to stop. I kind of refer to it as back home.
Tons of less actives and potentials to work with, I am so excited. We are teaching this one guy from Palestine, I was trying to learn some Arabic yesterday. Forget that haha. Another investigator should be getting the holy ghost sunday. long story haha. but he only speaks spanish. that was a difficult encounter haha. now i have to learn spanish! All the south americans here are from Peru, funny how the all migrate to specific cities.
Today we went the the top of La Mole, the huge famous tower in Torino, it originally was supposed to be a jewish temple, now its a national museum of cinema! right up my ally. So I got to see the view of all of torino and the swiss biggie.
Well, this is a long letter, it is cool hearing about where all my friends have been transfered to, how we are all needed in specific places at specific times! Cant wait to get to know the people here better and love them! Torino is beautifullll! And, it is almost fall. we all know what that means. ORANGE TREES.
Vi Voglio Bene!
Slla Gillette

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