Thursday, September 26, 2013

**EMAIL FROM 9/25/13 **

baptism by...FIRE!

Eduardo finally got the ghost! He is so sweet. Speaks only spanish, so I usually just nod and say si, with some hola and hasta luego thrown in there. Trying to learn spanish and italian is complicated.
So Sunday was miraculous. First Eduardo finalmente came, hence the above sentence. Then! well back track, we had a primary activity on saturday which was SOOO CUTE. I want kids! yes, i said it. I, sorella Gillette, actually admit to wanting kids...I blame the mission and babies speaking italian. Anywho. Some less active families came, it was beautiful. THEN. Sunday one of my fav families came to church! Apparently they havent come in atleast 6 months, as far as sorella Condies knowledge. we taught them saturday morning like always and they were saying how their kids need to have the holy ghost, the kids want to get baptized! so we will be starting the lessons with them! yay! I am so proud of that mom for bringing all 4 of her kids to church on her own. The ward was so welcoming to her! Im just so proud.
On thursday we had a girls night with the young women, about 10 girls came, it was so fun! I love them! 
Lets see, other great things...Also sunday a little old lady in the ward came up and gave me some earrings! The week before I complimented her on hers and so she went out and bought the same pair for me and my comp. HOW CUTE. 
This saturday our little 8 year old that we have been teaching is getting baptized! Theres a lot of kids from less active families that we are working with. Its great to see how these little cuties have a desire and are being the example for their parents! 
Tonight we are going over to another one of my fav less active families, they barely speak italian. again my awesome spanish skills are needed. the kids are sooooooo adorable. the two girls were teaching me a hand clap game last time. i have some photos of em. 
and shout of to my loverly companion. She is great. I really am blessed to have this adventure. 
I have realized I am super immature for 22 haha I am rarely serious and am always making jokes. and I always have to crunch leaves on the sidewalk like a little kid. but then i think hey, Im called on the mission to be myself right? haha. I always make the joke of "exhibit A of why I am not getting married." lol. 
all in all it has been a good week. very eventful with activities! We have so many people to try and see, we cant fit them all in. way different than bergamo. different kind of stress. 
I LOVE ITALY. I LOVE THE PEOPLE. I LOVE THE MISSION AND THE MISSIONARIES. ANDDDD I LOVE THE BOOK OF MORMON. I literally get excited to read it, I am in like alma 35 now, as soon as I finish it again I am going to start it in italian, then that will be 3 times read on the mission. and I am almost to john in the new testament. 
PEOPLE THE SCRIPTURES ARE SO VITAL! If we all read our scriptures every morning, the world would be a much better place. I want to kick my old self in the kneecap for not reading before and understanding the importance! golly gee. 
well, i love you all. the church is true and the book is blue! 
Slla G.

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