Wednesday, September 18, 2013

**Email from 9/18/13 **

Quick little letter yeah yeah
I love Torino! 
Had a sweet FHE on Sat with the Gallarato family, Fratello G made us some bomb food, we played spoons after haha he lost everytime and then chucked his cards lol so funny. Slowly getting to know the people and where I am going, such a big city with so many different forms of transportation! 
Had a really good lesson also on sat with a less active family, got to use my parents as an example yet again. It was good. Sorella Condie said in a prayer the other week that she was grateful that I am bold...haha idk if thats good or bad lol. We had an investigator ALMOST except a baptism date, she knows the book of mormon is true and wants to get baptized, just needs time and to talk to her husband.
Another investigator also says the book of mormon is real and Joseph Smith is a prophet. dang people if you know all this stuff what is holding you back?! Thats what we are here to figure out. Lots of people we are working with, including a lot of less actives who i love. Had a great lesson the other day with another family, first time Sorella Condie met the mom, we taught her and her 11 year old daughter. The mom cried. it was really awesome. They have only been here for a few months from Peru. 
I need to learn spanish SO BAD. 
Our investigator/member who hasnt received the holy ghost yet (he was baptized a month ago) still hasnt come to church, and he doesnt speak italian either. i talked with him on the phone and spat out a couple spanish words and hopefully that means we have an appointment with him tonight haha. 

I noticed I havent said much about the people lately, just kind of general unimportant crap haha. found out that one of my new converts in Bergamo passed the sacrament for the first time and that 2 of my beloved investigators went to church for the first time for all 3 hours! ahhhhhhh. jump for joy people. May not seem like a big deal. BUT. IT. IS. 
Side note, Sorella Condie is awesome. I am a big fan. I have really had some great companions. Her parents live in Connecticut, maybe we have already started to Boston trip plan haha. 
Miss you all! Africa by Toto came on the radio yesterday in an instanbul kepab joint, I WAS SO HAPPY. tender mercy my friends. tender mercy.
OHHH PS. today went to the largest egyptian museum in the world! It was soooooo cool! so worth it. google it. torino is kinda famous for it.

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