Wednesday, September 4, 2013

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BEST/WORST week of the mission!

Im in a glass case of emotions! name that movie.
BOUNGIORNO. Thanks all for the bday wishes. Got mad love for my peeps. So many things happened this week, hopefully I can sum it all up for ya.

First about my birthday, probs the best bday anyone could have on the mission. Ate at one of my fav members house, she made an Ecuadorian version of tacos. Gave me an Ecuador tshirt, made a cake! I love them. Ylenia and Favour called in the morning to tell me happy bday and later on in the day we taught them a lesson. Sorella Walch got people to sing happy birthday to me in English at English class. The girls made me a cute poster.
The girls and a member had been working on surprising me for my bday for a long time I guess. Lets just say it involved hearing my parents voices on a recording, eating gelato blindfolded and seeing the best view of Bergamo from Città Alta. BEST MISSION BDAY! I only get one in Italy and it was amazing. 

Had a blitz with the traveling sorelle, Sorella Beus asked Ylenia in a lesson how she found the church. I ended up crying as I heard her version of the story and her testimony. So beautiful. She was saying how she liked us so much, if it were different people she doesnt know if she would be as accepting. Talked about how we explained things to her and were encouraging and how she knew the BOM was true. We then visited our investigators new baby and her in the hospital! SO CUTEEEE. So happy for them. I cried after we left the hospital. Ive had a feeling I would be leaving Bergamo and these were the last times I would see these people that I love so much. Sunday all the members were finally back from vacay! 

Funny story, it was testimony meeting, Anz Axson went up so I was going to after him, I stood up to go and then Fratello Capelli closed the meeting so I had to sit back down really fast haha the whole ward started laughing. Great way to get remembered.
taught our other investigator sunday night, in her prayer she prayed I wouldnt go, then said unless its what you (god) want. I cried when we left her house. 


So found out Monday where I am headed. Didnt think I would till Tuesday. Sorella Gjika is going to Pordenone, and Sorella CLAWSON, good buddy from my MTC district is coming to replace me! OH. Im going to TORINO! My mission grandma and mom were both born there. mission born that is haha. I will be with one of Sorella Nelsons dream companions. I leave tomorrow morning.
Its been so stressful trying to see everyone! Said bye to some of my favorite members, theyve been feeding us some good food. taking lots of great pictures this week, so sorry theres like 100. 

nervous, excited, sad, heartbroken. Ive cried so many times haha. this is worse than leaving home no offense guys. I know I will see you all again. Thats not as guaranteed here. 

So after this we are going to go play soccer with some members. i know what you are thinking. im like the best soccer player so they better watch out. then we have more people to say bye to! 



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