Wednesday, October 16, 2013

** 10/16/13 Email **

This transfer will be my halfway mark!

Crazy right?! So it is transfers yet again, and my comp is leaving me. well kind of haha. She is going from Torino to Collegno...which for those of you that dont know is about a 20 min bus ride hahaha. So she is in the same zone, neighboring district and even our baptisms are at her church building hahaha. We have been making jokes about it all week.
Well I am getting a new comp named Sorella Astel. I have seen her a few times. She is also in Condie's group and is from Idaho. its always nerve racking to get a new comp, speriamo bene! 
today has been weird, off and on the comp all day. we do our grocery shopping tomorrow bc ill wait for my new comp to get here. It is exciting to hear about the other missionaries and where they are going and whatnot. I am glad I stayed! So much work to be done still and I feel like I havent done anything. 
Well this letter is short. Thanks for always writing me guys. I cant believe Halloween is coming up and I will be at my halfway point soon! 
AND HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM! Sorry I couldnt be there!
Heres some photos from last pday when we went to palazzo reale. so a fancy palace haha. and then we took some goodbye photos after fhe. transfers are always so sad! its like moving from family everytime. 

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