Wednesday, October 9, 2013

** Email from 10/9/13 **


The weeks are going by so fast, I cant even remember what happens. Well meat fast was a success, our district leader told us we looked healthier, but we know he was just saying that so we would keep our vegetarian on. But for lunch today we are going to try to find a south american restaurant, an investigator told us about it, apparently there are tacos! I MISS MEXICAN FOOD SO MUCH.
Conference was so dang good yall! We had like 15 people in a small cramped computer room all watching it on one computer in english haha. all missionaries and a couple investigators. it was rough. BUT. My fav talk was def by Anziano Uchtdorf. So amazing! 
Monday we went to the Gallarato's for dinner and fhe, they are my fav people. SO FUNNY. I was dying laughing. Then last night we did our fhe at the church and there was more people there than I had ever seen, were talking like 6 besides us 4 missionaries haha. we played ninja all together and it was all adults. super funny. 
I had a dream that I would be the one getting transfered and it was really hard. With transfers coming up, I am pretty sure Sorella Condie will dip out, hopefully not tho. I am still lost all the time without her. I better not be leaving tho! 
So some photos, there is a gorgeous park called parco valentino, and yall know how much i love orange leaves and autumn. i was so excited. then some other random stuff. some photos from the final district meeting of the transfer. it was our district leader's bday and we made him band tshirts hahaha cause he was in some really bad punk band back in the states lol super funny. 
Cant complain. Life is good. is getting cold! I dont know how to handle it! 
Love you all! Thanks for writing me, I feel the love! So glad the lord is working through you!
Slla Gillette

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