Wednesday, October 9, 2013

** Email from 10/2/13 **

c'è lo posso fare!

Name that disney song people.
HOW IS EVERYONE?! This has been a great week. I dont have much time today, spent some time at a cinema museum at the Mole, super cool! 
Allora in somma, Alexandra the cute 8 year old we were teaching was baptized! we have set 5 baptism dates in the past week and a half!!!! yeahhh. 4 new investigators too this past week and a half! 
can i get a what what?!
Yesterday was our new investigator/bap date who is 17, from Peru and speaks english as her 3rd language and she is really good at it. She reminds me of me! Alot of her concerns, beliefs, curiosities with the church, so similar! I was worried during the lesson that she was too good to be true, something must be wrong because no one is this prepared. Then a bit after thinking that she straight up said something like "im being sincere, not saying this just to say it, i really am excited about this, it just feels right to me, i dont really know where i stand on my belief in god but going to church and being here with you just feels right." and she accepted a bap invite and....I cried haha. The spirit was so strong and I felt like it was such a testimony to why I am here. We had GREAT LESSONS yesterday. 
Since conference is coming up we are talking about prophets with everyone. 
Also on saturday was a YM/YW activity for both the Torino wards, it was a talent night with food and after a dance, it was so funny! they told us missionaries the day before they wanted us to sing...sorella condie and i did them one better.
Picture us, sunglasses, crappily coreographed dance to A Goofy Movies song Stand Out...ya it just reeks of Sorella Gillette huh? 
We went last and is was a huge sucess, they turned off half the lights as if it was a real performance and then ALL OF THE YOUNG WOMEN OF BOTH WARDS CAME UP AND DANCED WITH US! FOLLOWING OUR MOVES! and im going to answer your question right now, YES THERE IS VIDEO. but sadly, cant upload on this dang diddly site. haha. 
Last but not least...I AM GOING VEGETARIAN THIS WEEK. Started yesterday. day and a half goin strong! that photo of me and the pizza is a veggie pizza haha. PERCHE? 
Well lemme tell you. 
We eat at a members house for lunch, she is sicilian....most dont know what this means. they feed you and if you dont eat they get offended and angry! and i cant eat as much as they must think i can, the fattness is deceiving. 
long story short after pounding so much food, some nastyyyy sausage/intestine looking crap comes out of the microwave and i was so scared. luckily she cooked it on the stove but still. i said a prayer that i could chug it, good gravy it was nasty. looked like roadkill insides with fat chunks. idk if  thats descriptive enough. Sorella Condie didnt even finish hers and wanted to throw up haha. so I was like, I am going to follow the example of our district leader and be vegetarian haha. We called and told him, he was very proud. 
Well. Thats about it that I can type out real fast. 
Love you all to pieces! I love the mission, I love these people!!!!! 

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