Wednesday, October 23, 2013

** EMAIL FROM 10/23/13 **

Long email, but it is worth it haha.

I MISS YOU ALL. So as you know transfers happened, I have talked with Sorella Condie almost everyday hahaha that is the perk of being in the neighboring district pretty much in the same city. like literally every time i tell a member or someone where she went we all kind of have a good laugh :) Her and her new comp are coming to our house tomorrow for lunch in our NEW APARTMENT. 
Dude it is so ridiculous haha. 3 BEDROOMS, 2 BATH, giant living room, big kitchen. Me and my comp just have our own bathroom haha. all the walls are cupboards. you literally press on a wall and it opens. Not to mention the house style is like funky 1965. My bathroom has like pea green toilet, sink. crazy funky mirrors are everywhere. the door to my bathroom is like blue glass with a giant silver round knob. im not kidding austin powers came to italy and lived in this apartment. 
and its all to ourselves! the anziani are jealous. but since Torino is so big, I am even more lost than I was before because I dont know the bus routes near our house. so frustrating!
Sorella Astel is super patient with me tho. I love her. she is so sweet. She is from Idaho Falls, idk if I already mentioned that. She turned 20 a few months ago and is the transfer below me. 
She says my italian is really good...then i totally botch something up in front of people and i know she is just being polite haha. 
Miracle for the week, the palomino family came to church! this is really cheesy but...whatevs. so it was the primary program during sacrament, and i kid you not little kids speaking italian is the absolute cutest thing you will ever here. especially when they are talking about jesus christ. oh my lanta. so after sacrament the family walks in and i see them, astel doesnt know anyone yet and i was GASP ITS THE PALOMINOS! And I started to tear up hahaha. WHATS HAPPENING TO ME. im melting. 
So beautiful tho. and then Hermis, our rad bap date who i loveeee came for all 3 hours and participated in gospel principles! 
Ettore, the cute little old man we are teaching, well long lesson later ALMOST accepted a baptism date. ahhhhh so close! 
We have a competition going on with the old district leader (Briscoe) that we have to talk to 1000 people by the end of the transfer, me and astel are doing it too, so thats double as a coppia. unfortunately we are only at 78 each right now. in one night we talked to 30 people each. this is just walking down the streets too. haha so much rejection i just laugh. italians are soo mean lol.
BUT FUNNY CRAZY STORY. in closing of this long email, I needed 2 people to hit my goal on Monday to talk to 30 people...we were waiting for a bus and there was no one around...except...An Albanian hooker and a mini scarier verson of Christopher Walken. For those of you who dont know, I cant stand that actor and he scares me. So JUST IMAGINE. hehehe Astel and I both were like heck yes lets go contact this lady and ruin this guys opportunity to take her home! so we go up and I ask them if they have heard of the book of mormon. He looked so evil. His eyes were so...heebie jeebies creepies bro. 
Comunque, dropped a passalong card after he told us to get lost haha. sadly that girl is probs younger than me. so we go back to the bus stop. we see him walk away so we were like score! and we didnt get a chance to really talk to her or give her a passalong card so guess what? 
WE GO BACK AGAIN hahahaha. Gave her a plan of salvation pamphlet, she said she saw missionaries in albania, told her we both have an albanian friend (gjika shoutout!) and i was like oh hey slla astel knows a phrase in albanian! (from gjika). and she says it and the girl laughs....because (i didnt know at the time) sorella astel told this Albanian prostitute she looked albanian. HAHAHA. man i hope you find this as great as I do.
Sure do love the mission! and you all!
a dopo!
Sorella Gillette.
p.s. christmas is coming up...wink. wink.
p.s.s. idk if i mentioned how condie and i gave everyone disney characters and she said i am the guy from goofy movie, 'leaning tower of cheese-ah.' Briscoe gave us all Harry Potter characters...I am Fred and George. hahaha. Because I am never serious and play pranks on people. I noticed these are both gingers. Then astel and i decided to label everyone in the district as a junk food, we voted i am a cheese puff. again, orange. any opinions? lol. and yes this is what we do for entertainment.

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