Wednesday, November 13, 2013

** EMAIL 11/13/13 **

Just hustled a Sri Lankan for some cheaper scarves

I figured maybe random subject titles would entice the reader.
haha then sometimes I think I should be more serious for ya'll, but then I think ehhh...better not.
So. life's good. weeks are fast. Never remember which week is which when I come to write you. We are at an internet point right by the Mole. I love walking around downtown Torino. Probably my favorite sight in the world. Sorella Astel saw a ghetto little house and was like 'I bet that was built before America was America' haha.
In regards to our investigators, there are some great people progressing. Some people that are so elect and ready, they just can't see it themselves! I have kind of noticed that with people this transfer, whether it be missionaries or investigators, they can't see how great they are like I can! So I can only imagine Heavenly Father's frustration with us, because I sure do get frustrated with people haha. I really feel like I am learning to see people the way HF sees them. And how much I love people after not knowing them for very long. It's crazy. So long story short, the problem in Torino isn't the same as Bergamo, people are more likely to come to church here but they are too scared to get baptized, even though we bear testimony like crazy and do everything we have been taught and feel impressed to do and say.
I've said it before and I'll say it again. People's agency man. pshhh.
So what have we done this week? Well miracle week for our district, as a whole 10 new simps and a new bap date. As a companionship we had 3 new simps and the bap date! Really cool, first new simps of the transfer.
We went to Milano last Thursday for that conference, got to see a lot of my friends, which I always look forward to. Everyone was like 'Hey I heard you got robbed!' haha. I'm like holy hannah how do you all know?! It was a good conference. learned alot, you kinda feel like a cruddy missionary after tho haha the list of imperfections that you need to fix. Ehh vediamo.
In other new, my baby girl is coming to this zone! I AM SO STOKED. That means Walchie, Condles and Astel will all be in my zone. I have been so blessed to have had such great companions who I consider my best friends. Have I mentioned how funny Astel is?
Sono fortunata. So ya. bout it I suppose. I want some Christmas cards or something, even tho I have no room to talk because I am the worst at snail mail. Must give shout outs to my amazazazing friends back home that have consistently written me loverly letters for all this time. It doesn't feel like I have been out very long until I hear from the Italian kids about new movies and music and whatnot haha.
Buona Settimana!
Siete il mio mondo e Vi Voglio Bene!
Sorella Gillette

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