Wednesday, November 6, 2013

** EMAIL FROM 11/6/13 **

Getting robbed at knifepoint​...oh the mission haha

Everyone! I got quite a few letters and I loved and appreciated it. but I am fine people! I swear to you I wasn't scared, you would actually be proud, I feel like I handed it like a champ.
So for those of you that want the story. Sorella Astel and I were walking home after an appointment, bout a 15 min walk to our house at 8 at night. not too late. We were on a main road, there were people on the road, not a ton but still. It was a holiday in Italy so less people were out. We were about a block from our apartment and a man about my height and stature (little italian homie) came out of nowhere from the italy all the cars are just parked on the side of the road. I was closest to that side but he walked a bit past me and stood more in front of Astel because she was a stride ahead of me. First I just noticed that he had a bandana covering his face and said "Dami la borsa!" Which means give me the bag, so I was like Wth? then I look down and see a fatty butcher knife, it was closer to astel. So she jumps back and says Ok a bunch of time and throws it to him. My only thought was "dang I hope he doesnt ask me for mine." haha then he turns to me so Im like ok ok. then he just walks past us, I turn around and notice he is walking at a normal pace so Im like "Bro Go!" So we run home, Astel was really scared, tried to stop a couple people for help which was funny bc no one cares haha so I call the zone leaders as we are running and I kinda made a joke, "so if all your stuff was taken at knife point, what would you do?" lol anyways get it all squared away with president, he makes astel feel better. next morning we file a report with our bishop at the police office (kind of a waste of time).
So we dont have our italian triples, wallets, any cards, my mini dictionary that i use on the daily, my mini book of mormon in english, lots of other random papers and stuff...but saddest of all..MY CAMERA WITH ALL OF MY MISSION PHOTOS AND 2 FLASH DRIVES. When I realized that I started kicking air angrily hahaha. But whatevs whatja gonna do?
So thats to answer the big questions. We are just having a difficult time without all those things, it has made it a bit harder to do missionary work when we didnt have money for a couple days or bus tickets or our triples haha. Especially when your investigator in church asks about D&C bc that happens to be ALL THE SCRIPS that day. Sorry bro, your missionary cant help you haha.
Also that next day we realized our fridge and freezer were turned off for a full day. lost alot of food haha. IT WAS A GOOD WEEK!
But we really have seen a lot of miracles and we had 5 people in church! People are progressing, we are feeling the spirit in lessons. Really hoping that the miracles we want are scene. I really hope Astel and I stay the same for next transfer. I want to be here for Thanskgiving and Christmas so bad.
I really appreciate everyone sending me some emails! LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH. CANT WAIT TO KICK IT!
Today we went with my old compie/bestie Condie and her comp Hoffman to a town really close to France. It was so pretty! saw the alps covered in snow. I dont have a camera but i have pics on other ppls cameras, but theres no way for me to upload them bc the doohikey is gone too haha.
LOVE YOU ALL. Always praying for the safety and health of my dearies back home!
Sorella Gillette

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