Wednesday, November 6, 2013

** EMAIL FROM 10/30/13 **

Ciao to everyone and their parents...​literally :)

Well, funny story from emails this week, some of my friends in the mission told me today that their parents wrote them about things they didnt tell them...quindi my letters sure are getting around to all the parents back there haha. 
So this week is another blur, we made Anziano Day a crown for his birthday. Sunday we went to some strange medical conference to try to do some missionary work with some members, it was so long but we got free food. i feel like im back at home eating like a chubster that sure can pound food. for example, lunch today. i wasnt super hungry but Astel was. We get pasta, halfway thru she is like 'man i am full.' So not only do I eat mine, a big thing a bread, I then take her bowl too. Benefits of being the fat companion :) hehe. 
So this whole contact everyone on the street competition kinda sucks haha people are so mean lol and we havent gotten any potentials out of it, only a referal for the anziani. but i do feel like i am doing missionary work, unfortunately probably the most uneffective missionary work besides knocking doors. or should i say ringing citofoni. 
Well two of our investigators are progressing toward their bap dates still. We had a greattttt lesson with our little peruvian man. The spirit was really strong and the member in the lesson was perfect for him. I really hope I get to see these people get baptized. Unfortunately the kids havent come to church, so they cant get baptized on the date we planned. I am def learning a lot about parenthood out on the mish. Its prob the most christlike experience and you have to put yourself to the side and think about whats good for them. cough cough baptism cough. 
speaking of cough, my cold is slowing but surely going away. yay cold weather! but i know the weather will only get worse. 
I am super grateful for everyone who has been keeping in contact with me, everyone is happy Im hitting the halfway point, and I feel like it has flown by, but then thinking about how people are getting married when i didnt know they had a boyfriend, or theres new songs and whatnot that are now considered old, dang ive been out for quite a bit of time haha. 
OH. funny crazy stories of the day. Well the Gallarato fam are still probs my fav people of Torino. So funny and I feel like they are family, We just go around and make fun of each other. Seriously gotta be related. Sorella Astel and I had an interesting lesson with a less active about some CRAZY conspiracy theories hahaha. I had to stop her in one of them and correct some false doctrine, most of the others I just let her go. Made my personal study a lot more interesting haha. Just remind me when I see you to give more deets haha.
Well, I seriously love the gelato out of you. 
These photos are from the egyptian museo today, Astel hadnt been. Thats me next to mummified cats hahaha. 
Sorella Gillette

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