Wednesday, November 20, 2013

** EMAIL 11/20/13**

Fingers are freezing off as I type
Well. It sure is cold. I knew this day would come, and it's not even the worst yet. I know I always said I wan't to live in 4 seasons. But dang gina forget that! Well if I had a heater and a car I prob wouldn't complain as much.
Comunque! I had sooo many emails this week! Thank you all so much. Felt like the cool kid on the block.
I seriously love you all and miss you. This has been my trunkiest transfer, only in regards to the fact that I miss music, movies, friends, family, food! But I need to shut up, I am serving a mission in Italy! What the freak haha. But it is because some of my friends are going home, thinking about that is so weird! I can't imagine going home. I am so sad, one of my really good friends got into a bike vs. bus accident and is going home tomorrow! He almost served for a solid year, and he doesn't get to come back to this mission! Can't serve foreign again for medical stuff. So sad! And then my other buddy has finished the mission, ahhhh such a strange feeling! Sorella Astel and I always talk about how weird it would be to not be planning lessons for people.
So with our people: One of our investigators prayed for the first time in a lesson! It was so sad, he is a cute little old man and asked that he wouldn't feel alone anymore! And then...he accepted a baptism date! YES.
Then with another, she is the sweetest. When I left Bergamo, Ylenia said I was leaving her so I could go find another girl like her and help her. This is that girl for sure. She has changed so much in such a short amount of time! Now she knows she for sure wants to get baptized! Only prob is her parents think it is too fast! gahh. so Sorella Astel, Condie, me and our investigator are all fasting right now to soften the hearts of her parents.
Oh I forgot, SORELLA WALCH IS IN MY ZONE. We are about to pick them up from the train station and do pday together!!!! yeahhhh. Got to see her yesterday it was soo amazing to be with her, condie and astel. I love them soo much. couldn't stop smiling.
your fav sorella.

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