Wednesday, December 11, 2013

** 12/11/13 EMAIL **


Well you heard it folks, Italy as a whole has been in rebellion since Monday. Monday there was a huge strike and nothing was open and there were people blocking off streets and stopping cars all by our house. It was so cool!! Coppers and Swat and fights about to break out. I was so excited. Anziano Johnson said I would be the crazy that jumps in the crowd yelling Forza Italia! hahaha. yes. I hear downtown is worse and especially more north, yeah rebellion!! 
So monday was our district meeting and Sorella Condie and her comp couldn't get back to Collegno after because no buses were going, so they had to spent the night! It. Was. Awesome. We did a Blitz in our area so Condie and I went together. She was singing "Guess who's back..back..back..back again.." haha. It was so great to be with her again. I love her. 
This has been one of the slowest weeks of my mission. Last pday all us girls kicked it and it was by far one of my fav pdays ever. 
So let's see, Sorella Astel and I chuck Lindor chocolates at the wall like we are pitchers to soften up the chocolate. Sorella Gross and I had a mattress war yesterday morning like Sumo wrestlers. We played hide and seek with the Sorelle and it was the funniest thing with 5 people. Our house is seriously a maze with tricks everywhere. Sorella Astel and I trapped Gross in the bathroom using 2 mattresses, 3 chairs and a christmas tree. 
Finally got to visit one of my favorite inactive families after a long time. I cried in the lesson, the mom is having a hard time being here in Italy, their whole family is struggling. It was a really strong lesson. Then she took her two girls to the Primary activity last night and we are seeing them tonight. 
Also...WE ARE HAVING A BAPTISM! This saturday we hope! Francesca's interview is tonight! I still can't believe it, but I think that is just how I am about the big moments haha. Constant state of shock. 
Pray that it will happen! 
Thanks for all the emails!!! 
Vi voglio un sacco di qualcosa buona haha. 
Sorella Gillette

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