Wednesday, December 4, 2013

*** 12/3/13 EMAIL ***


Well, my new compie Sorella Gross speaks Navjoo. Idk how to spell it. But it is sick! She grew up on an Indian Res and pretty much has the most interesting life. I have a feeling my Mom and her would really get along haha. 
So this trio is pretty awesome. It's like a big hang out. But contacting is kinda weird. Funny story. So as we all know I am a big prankster. Well joke is on me. Sorella Gross was telling us yesterday how she has an epipen because she is allergic to radishes haha. So she takes it out and it starts talking and beeping about injections. She comes at me out of nowhere and attacks me with this epipen, I am confused, running around the giant living room around chairs and our ghetto Christmas tree (which is being held up by a giant roll of paper towels.) and at first I am like is she serious? Is this real life? Am I about to be injected with whatever epipens are made of? I don't want to get shot? So sorella Astel is just laughing and I am a little concerned haha. I hear it say 'Injection in 5...4...3...' So I am pushing her off me and we end up like wrestling on the floor and I had to kick her off me and I ran and hid in the bathroom.
Pretty traumatizing. 
Well. Turns out it was a training epipen and not real. They felt bad that they actually put real fear into my soul haha. 
I figured out Sorella Astel is writing home about this story at the same time because she is just creepily laughing to herself. If only you could see my face. :| 

Miracoli! Well my dearie investigator who has had one problem from the next about baptism I am pretty sure will finally get baptized the 14th! We went to her house the first time yesterday to meet her grandparents, they actually were okay with us coming over, and a few days ago she brought her older sister to a lesson and she became a new investigator and is okay with her getting baptized! So if I happen to leave in 3 weeks for the crazy space transfer that is happening, I will be here for the baptism!

I have been praying for that so much and I have been fasting today and yesterday for it, and immediately my fast was pretty much answered but I didn't realize it till later on in the day. Sometimes I just don't recognize the answers I do get, or realize that they are answers. Another thing I have learned in the mish is that I am teaching people how to do all of these things when I am not good at it myself. But you know what they say, you learn the most when you teach. So moral of the week, try to practice what you preach? haha punny.

Allora, today we are having a pday party with all the sorelle, dance party at our house! yay Jerico road! hahaha. Man I miss music lol. 

Vi voglio un mondo di bene! 
Sorella Gillette

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