Saturday, December 21, 2013

**Email from 12/18/13**

Baptism, American Junk Food and Love!

It was indeed a miracle. Hands down one of the best moments of the mission, cioè my life. Me, Astel, Gross and Condie were all in the side hall watching her get baptized by Anz. Colemere, and when she came up out of the water and back to us we hugged her and she cried and pretty much bore her testimony to us. It was beautiful. I couldn't stop smiling. I said the closing prayer and even said words can't describe how happy we are. That was probably one of the strongest moments I have ever felt of the spirit and just how much love I have for her. Grateful grateful grateful.
During her interview a couple days before she bore her testimony and said how much she loved me and was grateful and was hoping I wouldn't leave, made me get a little choked up!
So it's been a very high chance that I would be space transfered, since being in 3 is not super normal and whatnot, EVERYONE thought I was out.
I AM STAYINGGGG! I am so happy!!! President at the conference was like "well, I don't want to ruin any of your Christmas plans", and I was like "I am so happy!" He said "Good, I like happy."
But the scare of me leaving really helped me to know how much people loved me! A lot of the young women and some members and investigators were saying they would pray for me to stay. They all were texting and making an effort to see me too. One of the people I have been teaching since I got here, my sweet little peruvian man was like, what about the 28th? You won't be here? (That is his baptism date and I am surprised he remembered and made it out like he really would get baptized that day!) And he was so sad that I could be leaving.
It gets worse\better. We visit one of my favorite innactive families, the ones who barely speak italian so my spanish is improving. They actually came to church Sunday! I told them during our visit that I might be leaving, they were like that's it we are going to buy pizza! So they get us pizza and make it a little festa! The 2 little girls are Peruvian dancers and they do a dance for me! Then  they are like 'close your eyes' and they brought out this GIANT stuffed dog with a huge card that said "Sorella Kassi" and they all signed and decorated it. Then the mom in broken Italian told me how much she loves me and is grateful for me and how I was so consistent and persistent with her family. I started crying. I told them I never cry so they did a good job. When we left their house I balled like I did when I left Bergamo. My companions haven't seen me cry so that was funny. I sleep with that stuffed animal every night now.
Seriously tender mercies. I didn't think the people here loved me as much as I love them, so it was a great week of cheesy love.
Even tho the members love us, we still haven't been invited anywhere for Christmas! But neither has Sorella Walch and her companion in Vercelli so we might all kick it.
Buon Natale!! Vi voglio un sacco di bene!
Sorella Gillette

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