Wednesday, December 4, 2013

*** 11/27/13 EMAIL ***


Soooo. I have been praying daily that I would stay in Torino and the Lord has answered my prayers!! I am staying here for transfer numba 3 in this loverly città, menomale with sorella Astel too. 
But here's the catch...
We are going to be in a threesome!! 
Picking up Sorella Gross tomorrow! She is in Sorella Walch's group and Sorella Clawson trained her. Kinda crazy that Clawson was in a threesome with my baby and now I will be with hers haha. 
Let me tell you why. In 3 weeks about 3 or 4 sorelle are going home early along with about 4 anziani, the week before Christmas so they can go home in time to start school. Anyways that means there will be space transfers midway. 
In conclusion, it seems as though I would be leaving at the end of 3 weeks. But who knows. That's just based off of logic. But I actually prayed to atleast remain for Thanksgiving, we are going tomorrow to the Dallon family's for a big dinner feast! So stoked!!! They are American, and turns out I am friends with their niece from Dixie. Small world. 
Most people are staying the same in the zone, so I will still be with Walch, Condie and Astel in the zone! Anziano Colemere is also staying, this will be 6 transfers together in the same ward. 

Investigator news! People are still progressing, kind of having a hard time getting new investigators here in Torino. Finding is way different. I thought people were cold in Bergamo but I didn't know anything haha. Having a hard time trying to get our baptism dates to stick. Our most elect chicka busted her leg pretty bad and crutched her way into the church on Sunday. So lots of problems are being presented. 

I am really grateful my family was chill with my decision to get baptized. At 14 too, that's just crazy. Guys I am going into my 7th transfer. What the freak. I've almost been out for 10 months! 

Side note, saw some random music videos like Brit Spears, Miley Cyrus, Bruno Mars when I was in a kebap shop. DUDE. What the satan?? I know it's not cause I am in weird mission mode, well maybe a little but holy cow! straight up jank. Astel was like oh dang 2nd coming is happening! haha. 

Hope you all have a wondiferous Thanksgiving! I am thankful for ya'll. hehe cheese. 
Sorella Gillette
p.s. *cough send me some packages for Christmas cough.* 


**2nd EMAIL**

Livin on a prayer

Bon jovi is on in the internet point...I am stoked. I forgot a couple things and realized I don't tell you guys too many details about my life hahaha.
We have been super poor with food, I have eaten some gross things man. Even the anziani feel bad for us and gave us some cookies haha. 
One of our investigators that I have been teaching since I got here gave me a Spanish-Italian dictionary and signed it in spanish, so nice of him! I gave him one of my bibles the week before and he was super stoked about it.
Our old man investigator yesterday bought us a thing of Lindor chocolates and came to FHE. I almost got him to play nascondino! (hide and seek.) a tradition I accidentally started last transfer after every FHE. the kids love it and us adults (adult haha sike) we get way into it running around the chapel. One of my favorite people in the mission goes home tomorrow so we got to say bye to him yesterday at the FHE too. I just love all the friends I have made here. Can't imagine life without all of them! 
Oh and another thing you should know. Sorella Astel is the Queen at would you rather. We literally play would you rather on the daily and she is crazy haha. You know how I get super hyper at night and go buck wild? Well she does too and I have calmed down a lot haha. 
One last funny story. Saturday night we had our stake conference broadcast. One of our rad simps came, i am sitting in between him and Astel. I look over at him and he is praying! cool. then I look at Astel and she is too! I was like wth did I miss the prayer memo? She raises her head and opens her eyes and I was like bro were you praying? She was like nah dude I was asleep. 
hahahahaha. yes. 
Okay Ciaozies!

Slla G

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