Wednesday, February 19, 2014

** 2/19/14 **

We chatted through emails this morning and she sent me this..
I am so proud of her!  <3  <3

*This is a piece of the email she got today from the mission president about her transfer!
The Lord has called you to be a sister training leader in the Italy Milan Mission. Sister training leaders 
are an extension of the mission president and key mission leaders for seeing that the Church is 
established and helping sisters accomplish their purpose. You are accountable before the priesthood 
leaders and saints of your corresponding stake, to the President, and to the Lord for the manner in 
which you lift and inspire missionaries and members to bring others into the waters of baptism. The 
degree to which you will be effective in this assignment depends on your faithfulness, obedience, love 
for your sisters, and diligence in finding, teaching, and baptizing. 
------------------------------Her email-----------------------------------------
**Well, all good things must come to an end**
I am leaving San Remo! After only 6 weeks. Can't say I am surprised. I had a feeling the whole time, even after I got the call to go there I said to my last trio that I thought I would be there for only one. So sadly, the beautiful beaches of my dreams was only a reality for an attimino. There is actually a girl from my group, Sorella Seare, coming to replace me, after Pres said it's impossible to stay in 3 haha bahumbug.
I am going to Milano, Navigli to be precise. I am a new Sister Training Leader there, my new companion, I actually replaced her here in San Remo, pretty ironic right?
We have to leave later this afternoon for Genova to sleep there and then tomorrow morning I am going to Milano. Haven't even packed yet haha. I'm screwed. I've never had to leave on a pday before. 
Well, so many miracles have happened, as usual. I have felt the spirit alot this week and actually my testimony of the book of mormon has grown a noticeable amount. I was kind of a giddy idiot one night, so stoked on la verità del libro di mormon. 
I found out that in Torino one of my investigators got baptized, a little 9 year old of a family I helped reactivate and loveeeee. The ones that gave me the giant stuffed dog that I sleep with. And one of my beloved investigators I found out is getting baptized next week! I teared up when I found out and said a bunch of prayers immediately. So sad that I couldn't be there.
You know how people say Van Gogh and Pacasso were more appreciated after they died? Not that I am Van Gogh, and not that I am unappreciated, but man the love the members and investigators have shown me the past few days when they found out I was leaving was incredible. I am so bummed I was only here for a blink of an eye, and I was sad no one would remember me, but I don't think that will be the case. Even some brand new investigators came to say goodbye to me! :'(
I balled at the branch president's house the night I found out, as we knelt to pray after an FHE together he said a really great prayer about/for me, man I was a sobber. Who am I haha. 
Another cool thing is that we got to see the Arbogast couple! They ended up getting stuck out here for a couple days and I had to be the translator for Elder Arbogast and the mechanic. It was great to hang out with them, they were the senior couple over Bergamo, and Sorella Van Alfen was with them for her first 6 months in Vicenza. So it was like being with our grandparents for a weekend. 
I would send pics of our adventures of the oh so beautiful San Remo, but I keep forgetting the card reader. 
Guys, I love the branch here. I learned to love people in a whole new way. I feel like this was a huge growth spurt. My companions are sooo great. I miss them already. I'm stoked for the next adventure, wee bit nervous haha. Time is flying out here! 

The 3 Angels really has become a San Remo wide thing, even a new investigator called us that yesterday, Van Alfen and I looked at each other when she said it. So sweet! Even though I don't see alot of the fruits necessarily here, I know I left my blood, sweat and tears literally in San Remo haha and that is how it should be. 

Sempre con amore,
Sorella Gillette

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