Wednesday, February 12, 2014

** EMAIL FROM 2/5/14 **

6 months to sexy or 6 months to sluggy?

That is the question. Next week I will tell you what I have decided. haha.
Tomorrow is the anniversary! So weird. Mission time warp is real and it effects everyone. It should be part of the depression commercials.

Well as you know, San Remo is still the land of miracles. Our numbers are really good, the zone leaders and assistants called us and asked what our secret is...fetch there's no secret and idk how it's happening! 29 lessons, 6 simps this week.

Lots of amazing people are coming out of the woodworks. (For those of you that don't know that is a quote from The District. Welcome.) I really want to stay here and get some people baptized! It feels like the big inhale before the sneeze. Whatever analogy you want to use. We are about to sneeze out miracles. Bless you.

I just love Sorella Van Alfen and Sorella Woods. We are developing the nickname  "3 Angeli" cio√® the 3 angels. People recognize us on the street I guess. I was scambing with a member for a couple lessons and my comps were asked by an Indian umbrella-selling man where their 3rd was. He then asked for their skype name but that's besides the point. :)

During testimony meeting 3 members got up and bore testimony on a scambio they did with us, a lesson we taught them and a challenge we left their family. One lady is a relatively new convert with her husband, I invited them to read the scriptures daily and share what they learned so they are on the same track, she said she found her testimony of the Book of Mormon and cried. It was so cool.

It really was a tender mercy because we (especially Van Alfen and I since we are the newbs) have felt very overwhelmed by the immesity of need this branch has. The problems and issues are so evident and there are SO many people that need strengthening. I've never felt the weight on my shoulders about feeling so responsible for these souls as I do here. Especially because it is so small and there's alot of information we know that breaks our heart. It is humbling to know that I have had the world's easiest life in comparison. 

I have learned alot of how much patience Heavenly Father has with me and how much he really loves us, it's hard to know about people's flaws and issues in life and still keep the same love for them...freak man. Idk how He does it. 

Other miracle, I have been feeling like something is missing since I love helping the youth and young adult kind of age group, we are actually trying to work with the young women that are struggling and we have taught sort of seminar-lesson with all the youth and have been asked to do it again next week. ANYWAYS. We end up meeting a referal, it's a member's son's gf and her mom. long story short they have been in my agenda to do casa at their building. We met the mom for a sec about 5 mins prior, talked with them casually about who we are and mannnn I was picturing them in white! i felt so at home with them, felt like we were family. I am sooo hopeful with them. I felt like they were filling my investigator void. I hope I am here for them.

Theme of the month, Operation:GEM #GEMNeverDies!!

I want sooo much good for you!
Sorella Gillette

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