Wednesday, February 26, 2014

*** 2/26/14 **

Da Milano a Torino a Padova

Well out of the mission hymn I have hit two of the 3 cities named. Guys, my investigator Hermis is getting baptized today in Torino. I am sooooooo jealous that I cant be there. Covet. Covet. Covet.

I am so trunky for my old cities. Yesterday we had a conference with half the zone leaders, district leaders and sister training leaders in the mission. There's not many STLs haha. only 12 in total i think and so 6 were there. Anywho I got to see a bunch of people from my MTC group and a bunch of kids that all served in the Torino zone together. I would send you photos but yet again I have left the card reader at home. It was great to see everyone and the conference itself was rad, I learned alot and took so many notes from Presidente and the APs. Lots of pressure being one of the leaders, we are in charge of 7 sets of sorelle! So that's doing two scambi a week! Lots more travelling. mamma mia. But I found out I am the STL for Sorella Astel, Clawson and Lopez!!! So stoked. The mission has changed so much and it just feels weird. Everyone keeps saying this is my dying city, but I dont want to think that I am already where I will die! gahhh.
Lately I have just been so filled with love for everyone. I am a cheesy sap. Read Alma 26, i think verses 27-31 or something like that. They are my favs.
So...Milano. Well, I will be honest. San Remo is way prettier haha, everywhere else I have served is way prettier. PERO! The people here are amazing. I instantly feel like who I am as a person and a missionary can help the people here. We have already seen crazy miracles. Even tho I came thursday, we taught 32 lessons that week. Friday, Saturday and Sunday we set a bap date a day. I am all about setting bap dates. We are working with several part member familes that actually remind me in some senses of my own life. And there are some super elect people we are teaching. I really feel like I am needed and can make a difference here, I feel like I have a connection with the people.
There are a ton of Fillipini, Peruviani and Ecuadorians! I loveee south americans and this is my first time having filipino peeps in a ward. THEY ARE SO NICE. I wish I could tell you about all of the great families we are working with. So much detail is needed and there just isnt enough time.
I love the mission, I love what I have learned, I love the cities where I have left a horcrux of my heart. God is way better and picking where, when and with who than I am. I LOVE my comp! She is a great example, I feel like I am just trying to come close to as good as she is. We laugh all day and have a lot in common. Oh her name is Sorella Egbert from Salt Lake.
I just I could relive all of my old cities and wonderful people with what I know now! Ma purtroppo that's not how it works now is it?
Last but not least, we went to a wedding today! Slla Egbert played the piano. An african man and ukrainian woman got hitched in the church. It was really cute, and the food was bomb. We talked a lot with this lady who left the church, her husband is an RM too, served here. Man.
READ the book of mormon and DONT fall away.
Sempre con troppo amore.
Sorella Gillette

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