Wednesday, February 12, 2014

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Singing songs of freedom like...

Oh yeahhh. Name the song. 

HELLOOOO! Life is good, come sempre. Foot is healing a bit, still faccio fatica. I jammed my finger the other day during an FHE at a new convert's house, it caught between wood and metal of the chair that I was sitting on, hurt so bad. Started holding my finger quietly, looked down, and noticed I was gushing blood haha. That was harder to hide. 

But man I love my companions-we are going to go bike ride to a lighthouse...IN PANTS. Yes. I'm wearing Wood's black skinnies today and I didn't even know how to get dressed with normal clothes. We always have a blast together so I am bummed our time will be coming to an end next week! 

We had a really good zone training in Genova again. Except it takes all day to get there and back. Sorella Durfee's dying testimony brought tears to my eyes. I have known her since my first transfer and it has flown! It was one of the best dying testimony's I have ever heard and I even took notes haha. Everyone here asks how long I have been out and when I am going home...bahumbug.

I love San Remo. I have learned so much here and I have noticed my growth already. I am learning to love people like I never knew before. Really focusing on the Christlike attributes this transfer. My lack of comprehension of God's love for us is crazy. All the crap that we do, and it's still unconditional...that's love. that's patience. 

Last night we had an FHE with a cute little Peruvian couple in the ward. I LOVE PERUVIANS AND ECUADORIANS. Those are my people! The lady works for a little old lady and lives with her away from her husband, the little old lady always comes to church and I heard she has alzheimers. (spelling?) Well I had the same conversation with her about 6 times of where we lived and how she used to live over there. It was so cute. It wasn't even a trial of patience, I LOVED that she kept asking that haha she was so funny and endearing. I think I got more energetic everytime she asked. 

So usually I start praying to stay in a city or something a couple weeks before transfers. Cioè I started praying to stay here and even dropped hints to Presidente. Then I thought about the whole "thy will be done" and I was like nahhh I'm not down for that yet haha. But as the transfer comes to an end I actually morph into being okay with whatever comes my way according to the Lord's will. Obviously he knows better than me because I wouldn't have been smart enough to pick this cities and these companions and it has been way more amazing that I could've imagined. I know nothing. appunto. 

Well, enough with my mindless rants. I love you all. Shoot me some snail mail? Sarebbe bello. 
Abbiate pazienza e siate fedeli. 
Sempre con un sacco di farfalle, 
Sorella Gillette

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