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** 3/12/14 **

--This is all I got this week! --

No time!

Really quick. WE HAD A BAPTISM AND IT WAS BEAUTIFUL. It all happened so quick. Cute little Bryan and Mark, ahhhhh I love them! Bryan's prayers last night at FHE and English class, (he volunteers to pray every prayer haha) he kept saying how happy he was he was baptized! 
So many people are progressing and it is amazing! 
Sorella Gillette
-- this is the email her Dad got this week--
-He wrote to her and that doesn't happen often enough. :) - He was asked to give a talk in Church in a couple of weeks so he asked her to write a little something to share with our Ward and here it is. --
Well Dad, 
I am currently leaking out of my face in a middle eastern internet point. Thanks for that. As soon as I saw you wrote me I was so excited I saved it for last. It's too rare ya know. Thanks for writing me I don't think you understand how much I appreciate it. You are innactive in writing your daughter...repent ye hethen. 
kidding. kind of. man this is so much pressure! I don't know what to say to your ward but here it goes I suppose. 
To the dearest ward that has helped my parents so much, 
I knew you would be amazing as soon as my parents moved and I just had the feeling that the ward in California would be the turning point for them, hence I sent their info to the referral office of the mission here. 
Man how do I feel? There's not words that can express how blessed I have been and how undeserving I am. I can't comprehend the love that Heavenly Father has for us because He gives us SO MUCH and asks for barely anything. Seriously. Go to church for 3 hours a week and read your scriptures a little bit everyday? Figurati.
I know that my parents' story is one of the reasons I meet the people I meet. They are the biggest part of my testimony and everyone knows about them. I'm not sure if a day goes by where I don't talk about them and these crazy miracles that I NEVER THOUGHT would happen. I had no faith in that. 
I even found out my dad would baptize my mom through my first new convert here. 
For example, we visited a family the other night here in Milano who are from Venezuela and the dad was just baptized about 7 months ago, he is actually the one that originally had the missionaries come over so many years ago but never wanted to change. We could tell they are struggling a bit with activity and testimony. We talked about the blessings of obedience and above all, the temple. When I was getting to know them, because I'm new here, I was asking them all kinds of questions about their life then they turned it to me and I told them my story. My companion bore testimony on how my experiences give her hope and strengthen her testimony and how my parents just went to the temple last week and that when I get home we will be sealed together. Now this family hasn't gone yet to the temple and they had a son pass away and haven't done work for him. When I talked about how beautiful it is that they will be together forever through the ordinances of the temple, I got really choked up and almost cried. They noticed and the spirit was so strong. 
Not in a cocky way, but I get to be a convert success story, a part member family, less active, success story, even for all the other missionaries! I know part of the reason I am here with these blessings in this moment is to show people how real the gospel is in the family. So many investigators, less actives, part member families change their opinion instantly when I say "If my parents can do it anyone can do it." 
Especially about the Word of Wisdom! I get to boldly spirit slap my beloved people here with the reality that Heavenly Father is literally waiting to shower us with blessings if we just do SOMETHING to act on our faith. Good gravy it is so simple but we forget so often just how important it is to read, pray and come to church. 
I don't know who my parents are now, and I am so excited! I don't know who I am anymore either. Italy has permanently changed me. I found my testimony here. I am still finding it. Why? Because our search for a testimony is never over. 
I have seen the power of God change people here. Even within minutes of talking to them I have seen their countenance change. I have witnessed the impossible. My mom and dad are better active members than I ever was! All my friends in the mission ask me all the time about how they are doing and how amazing all this is! 
The priesthood is great and real and the restoration really happened! I know my parents are using their talents and blessings to bless the lives of the people in California, and I bet they never thought their lives would bless hundreds across the world. 
I cannot doubt there is a God or that the Book of Mormon isn't true. Partly because of these changes I have witnessed here and heard about back home. President Uchtdorf said in conference to doubt your doubts before you doubt your faith. I have a very strong testimony that the Book of Mormon was written for us, and I talk about the Book of Mormon with EVERY PERSON that I try to talk to. Repentance equals Joy. My branch president in San Remo said that, and I have witnessed that for myself through my parents and my beloved people here. I feel the love of the Savior through the people in my life. I am the luckiest Sorella in the world. 
Sorry if this wasn't what you were looking for, I kind of rambled, and alot of it is hard to say in English. 
Read the scriptures everyday and don't forget who really gave you all that you hold dear. 3 Nephi 14 7-11. 
I never thought my parents' testimonies would A. exist haha. and B. Strengthen me and the people I serve every single day. My dad has the priesthood?! What the heck?! My mom is going to teach Sunbeams?!! She is a sweet little missionary who loves the gospel and people in general. I remember her saying "I'm not racist, I hate all people." NOW WHO ARE YOU?! 
I am eternally thankful for the welcoming example of this ward that has changed my life FOREVER. Literally. Do you realize it's forever? THANK YOU!!! You all have affected wayyyyy more people than you can comprehend. than I can comprehend! 
Mamma mia. If you can't tell, I can chat for a long time like my Dad. 
Vi Volgio tantissimo bene!!!!!! Grazie di tutto! 
Sorella Gillette

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