Wednesday, March 19, 2014

** 3/19/14 **

no timeee

bahumbug. i should just start writing this thing first. sorry to those who i cant respond to! Life is busy but good. Lots of people about to get baptized! Lot's of crazzyyy miracles that have been testimony builders. Lots of revelation and answers to to questions that I haven't specifically even asked Heavenly Father. Awesome example. I have always wanted to teach and baptize a Luigi because it's my fav Italian name, haven't really known a Luigi out here. But we were helping Gino and Susy move their office the other day, who I feel so close to, Idk if I have even told you about my people lately. Innactive wifey and non member hubby who is reading the book of mormon and has a bap date ;) anyways, on his business card it said Luigi, we were like whaaat, is your name Luigi? YUP. Big fatty sign that I found my Luigi!!!!
There's also a crazy story involving Sorella Egbert and Pepa Pig, a cartoon out here. Remind me to tell you that one when I see you next.
If you read the scriptures you will find a reason you studied what you studied that day! Oh uomo.
Love is the most important thing in the world. Love people like you would like to be loved and the world will go round.
A dopo!
Slla G.

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