Friday, March 7, 2014

** Email 3/5/14 **


Nope, not shrimp scampi. Scambi! I was able to do a scambio with Sorella Astel the other day in our city and it was greatttt to be back together again. We saw alot of miracles and set two bap dates with some of my favorite people we are working with! So good to catch up, we have changed so much in different ways and we were only apart for 7 weeks. 
Now we are in COMO. After this we are going to see the famous lake and go through centro and the duomo. Guess who I scambied with? SORELLA CLAWSON! One of my dear sweet dream compies who was in my MTC district. We set a bap date as well with a cute little boy they are working with! Yay part member families!
After this we are headed to another city to switch it up with the sorelle. Just going to Lugano, Switzerland. No big deal. Yupp steppin foot in another country!! I am so stoked. We are going today and gonna check out a little bit of it for the end of pday. 
Man we are just seeing a ton of miracles in Milano. One of our investigators is getting baptized Saturday! I set a bap date with him my first weekend here, and it got bumped up by 3 weeks! haha complicated story but his older sister and cousin are barely dunked new converts, he and his older brother are investigators but the brother meets with the anziani and his date was for this saturday. we set Bryan's for later so we could check with his mom who didn't want him to at first. BAM. So excited. Just weird being away from Milano for 3 days in a row, not doing any of our own work. But it is great to help the sorelle. I am learning so much and I know I have helped them here in Como already. Excited to see how Lugano goes, I will be going with a brand new missionary from Germany. She doesn't speak Italian so let's hope her English is okay. SHARADES PARTY!
Love you all. Set Goals and make your time meaningful, life is pointless otherwise.
Sorella Gillette

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