Wednesday, March 26, 2014

** 3/26/14 **

I need to learn Arabic

Time is flying and I'm already starting to think of the things I will miss in a few singing Mandate Voci hymn number 44 in Italian that doesn't exist in Inglese.
Good week! I got to do a scambio with Sorella Lopez in Varese! Dreams come trueee. and best news of all! BAPTISM THIS SATURDAY. She is a 10 that Wolfgramm talked about. The people that will find YOU! It has been so great teaching her and seeing her growth, my first lesson with her here after we watched the Resto film I set the date, she went from slightly aprehensive to stoked in like 5 mins. Now she is the most prepared I have ever seen. I AM SO EXCITED.
I need to mention how much I have loved each of my companions. Like I have mentioned before about the theme of love, man, I know I have just loved so much. My compie Slla Egbert is rad. I think I laugh the most with her than I have my whole love. We are like punch drunk half the time with the lamest jokes. Yesterday we had a dance off, a prophet dance off. This is life haha.
We just have sooo many rad people we are working with, it's just like the district when homie says, I'm so tired, it doesn't make sense because I'm so happy. I learned the desire of having a day of rest that is for sure. SO ENJOY YOUR SUNDAYS. I am covetous.
I don't know what to say, sorry, lost the desire to write. I feel like I can't express my feelings or experienes with the same amount of oomph as if you were in front of me or even there.
That is the best part of the mission, I would have to take out my mind and heart and put it into you for you to understand.
Today we are going to the top of Duomo with some of my favorite people, Sorelle Lopez, Burkman, Astel and Curtis.
I LOVE THE MISSION. I will be the creepily obsessed person with a shrine of Italy in my room. and I am looking forward to it. ;)
Thanks to all who have been so amazing to me!!! Sorry I suck at writing back!
I want a crud of good for you.
Slla G.

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