Wednesday, April 30, 2014


Notizie strane!

So, the folks are moving to St. Geezy? Weird world clash. Very indifferent to this idea. But I guess by next week they will send pictures of the new place. That's 2 moves in 2 states since I have been gone! #nomads.

I am writing from Trieste! Always wanted to see this city, we are going to a castle by the ocean today. That's now 2 different oceans in Italy! 

Gang, Venice blew my mind. I cannot comprehend how it was built. We got to visit the Jewish Ghetto, where people were forced to live in WWII. It was very hollowed ground. We ate sandwiches sitting on steps of the water by a tiny bridge there, I couldn't help thinking how nazi soldiers had stood where I ate. Everything was written in Hebrew and there were authentic traditional Jewish people with yamacas and sweet curls. Lovedddd it! Can't wait to go back. 

It is truly a magical place. Couldn't stop smiling like a 5 year old at Disney World. And the masks! Ahh I want one so bad! 

Pasqua was great, ate lunch with a really cool member and he told us his conversion story and testimony and we watched that new amazingggg video about Christ on It hit me yet again that that is something I want to do for a living. Make videos like that. 

This week I felt the spirit super strongly on a solid daily basis. Had some great scambi, one with Sorella Quinton, who I guess is friends with Fish and Lyd! small world!! Then I went to Pordenone with Sorella Burkman. Man the sorelle are awesome. Next I am going to scambi with Sorella Bollwinkle in Trieste tonight and tomorrow. 

The thing I have noticed here is going back to teaching to very specific needs. There are some amazing people, and I am pretty positive they won't be baptized while I am a missionary, but I know they will be and when they are, they will be phenomenal members that will change the world here. 

Yesterday we taught a family how to dye eggs for Easter. I love them! The girls are sooo cute! The mom and oldest girl come to our English course. We also hung out with dear Laura and a girl that came in from Denmark. Since we are in Venice, we are missionaries/tour guides/ insta friends to foreign members. Pretty cool. 

Con un sacco di amore e cuccioli, 
Sorella Gillette

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