Wednesday, April 16, 2014


Hello world

Wells. I am in Mestre, haven't had a solid day to do missionary work here tho. General Conference and two zone trainings back to back. It was cool being one to do half of a zone training. We got to go to Padova for the Bologna zone and I saw some dear mission buddies ;) 
Then ours was in Pordenone, which has the American chapel that is gorgeous! And I didn't really know anyone! So many younger missionaries that I have never served near. It's funny how we all revolve around the same areas of people.

Sadly today we said goodbye to a young greenie that got the call that he is going home for medical issues, so sad! I only got to know him for a week but I sure feel like I have been here longer. Usually time moves fast, here it's slowing down a bit. Meno male. However, still haven't gone to Venezia!! Everytime we are supposed to go something comes up. But I think we have a lesson there tomorrow so, there's hope! 

I have only met a few members but they are really great. I love the bishop and his family. I really am hoping that I will stay here till the end. We are the old people now, double digit transfers, so strange! 

The work here is way different than Milano, kind of reminds me of Bergamo. I still need to adjust a bit. 

Conference was amazing! I decided one of our themes should be, we only have 4 minutes to save the world! (mixed a bit with that JT song...)

Yesterday we visited the bishop and his family, watched the Resto vid, after Montagnoli bore her testimony she threw me under the bus to share my conversion story haha it was sweet, as I did she cried. Then later on she talked about how my story and the fact that I will go to the temple with my family brings her to tears and how she will be there with me. It was a really tender moment haha. 

Another story. We visit an inactive woman who is handicapped with a mental disease. It broke my heart. There was a different spirit there in the sense that she is just so sad and lost in her own state. I teared up while we were there with her and cried when we left. Really tugged on my heart strings. So I just have realized yet again how incredibly blessed we all are. 

Today we have to do a favor for a member so our pday is kind of botched. haha. Hopefully next week I will do a pday in venezia! 

Love you all! The church is true and the book is blue.
Sorella Gillette

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