Wednesday, April 30, 2014


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Last pday we went to Trieste and saw the most beautiful castle that I have ever seen. My scambio with Sorella Bollwinkel was great, then I just had one with Sorella Haslum who came to me from Verona. I feel like I am the one getting trained and learning the most from these Sorelle. I feel like a sponge! 
I read the best thing ever today. A man's vision about the spirit world from 1920 and I dare say it changed my testimony. I felt like I was there and the feelings brought me back to the temple. It felt very sacred and real. Everyone should read it. 
My favorite senior couple is going home tomorrow, so sad I didn't call them beforehand so they could've come visit me! Stupid. But saying 'see you later' was so strange. 
In Trieste I talked to a young teenager who was kind of less active, especially about seminary. I know I took it for granted, but he was complaining about the hour. I told him, my Dad woke me up every morning and drove me 20 minutes at 5 in the morning to Seminary and he wasn't even active. So I wanted to publically declare my gratitude to my Dad. Happy Birthday! 
And to mom too, but we can do that for Mother's Day.
Well Mestre so far might be the refiner's fire round 2 for me haha. Very different, time is flying and I feel like I haven't done anything. Not much has happened. But I am grateful for the daily small miracles and that we are planting seeds for when it will be the booming city. (hopefully fra alcuni transferimenti haha). 
Read conference talks! You only take your knowledge with ya, ya know.
love love.
Sorella Gillette

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