Wednesday, April 2, 2014

** 4/2/14 **

Well waddya know, it's transfers!

I'm sick of this one and done business. My little heart can't take it! Especially because getting to know all the people of Milano that I wanted to in 6 weeks is a joke. I insta cried when I got the call Monday morning. The first thing I thought of was the baptism we have in a week and a half, my fav fam!

Here's the bittersweetness, I am going to Mestre to be a Sister Training Leader there too! For those that don't know, Mestre = Venezia. Which is Venice. And that has been my DREAM place to go for yearrrssss! I was wanting to go over there since the beginning but then I just kind of gave up on that thought. AHHH VENEZIA!!
But it gets weirder...
is Sorella Montagnoli! cioè my MTC comp haha. Tomorrow when I see her it will be a year to the day from the last time we saw each other lol.

THE BAPTISM of Sanndy was BEAUTIFUL. So many people came and showed their support, she brought about 10 of her friends! Me, Egbert, an anziano and a couple filipino members were going to sing Anima Mia during the program, which is Be Still My Soul, then they invited whoever wanted to participate to go up, so several other members joined, and I was pretty much singing to Sanndy. She started crying. I almost cried. The spirit was so strong! Especially when Eggy and I had a whole verse solo. It was so great.

I said goodbye to a bunch of people yesterday at english class and fhe. I cried after of course. Sharmaine, a new convert here that I loveee made me the coolest drawing ever. (There's photos) and I just can't believe how much I love people in 6 weeks. If I could describe the pain of leaving a city, it would be like getting dumped after a year long engagement, I imagine at least haha.

HORCRUX YOUR HEARTS! There's a fatty chunk of my heart in Milano Navigli.
Onto the next one!
Sorella Gillette

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