Wednesday, May 14, 2014

*** 5/14/14 ***

Best Surprise Ever

Picture this. I hear that my dearies from Bergamo are coming to visit Venice. So, I tell Mikhail to shout when they are there. We meet up at the bridge of Venice, first just him then we walk to see the rest of the people. He told me my dear mission mamma Blanca will be there, and some of the Botta clan. Well. We get to the Venice train station where they all pit stopped at the bathroom and he turns to me and says he has a surprise for me. Then not only do I see Blanca walk out but also YLENIA. She walks around the corner into a side alley exit, I run and hug Blanca and scare her haha then run after Ylenia and it was like a movie, she turned around and we freaked out and ran to each other and hugged. 

Neither one of them knew I was coming! It has been like 9 months since I have seen them! 
One of the best days of my life was walking around my dreamy Venice with my mission mom and my Ylenia, with a splash of the Botta fam bam. Words can't describe how Heavenly that was. Only Heavenly Father understands.

So a little something I have realized. Everyone asks when they find out I am an only child, "Oh, so you're spoiled, right?" haha. You know what, I am! Heavenly Father spoils me. This whole past week has been just a dream. Seeing a bunchhh of my mission besties, old companions, my Bergamo's, Skyping for Mother's Day, hanging out with American's on the base, eating American food, and then the BYU chamber orchestra was here for 3 days and I talked with them alot. I got all my fixes! 

Oh forgot to mention haha. This week is transfers! I feel like it's always transfers. Well, Sorella Montagnoli is going to Vercelli to bottle break Sorella Jones, I was her sister training leader last transfer! And Vercelli is super close to Torino, and to make it better, my activated family the Palomino's, I heard they just moved to Vercelli! So she can go take care of them!

I am getting Sorella Strong, coming from Firenze. She is is Sorella Gross and Walch's group. She is really sweet from the little interactions we have had. Ironically I am pretty sure we chatted on Instagram or something a couple of times before the mission haha small world! 

And, I am slowly but surely starting to feel more at home with the members. I am really excited about that! Feeling at home where you go is super important. My invite of the week...yes I am going to start doing to GEM someone and help them feel wanted! Look at them how Heavenly Father does. 

Side note shout out! Thank you Courtney and Derek for sending my Mom a card and flowers for Mother's Day. She needs some loving as I am away and I know it meant the world to her. I am very grateful for my supportive dearies around the world. Love love love. 

Transfer 11/ we go.

Just remember, you only have 4 minutes. 

VVB. Especially Sorella Montagnoli.

Cuore Sorella Gillette

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