Wednesday, May 14, 2014

*** 5/8/14 ***

Seeing the cari!

Friday was mission consiglio in Milano, Wednesday was a 5 zone conference, and next week is already transfers! mamma mia. I got to see some of my dearrrrriiiiieeees yesterday, including my ex-colleghe Sorella Walch, Gross and Woods. It was so great! I just want to live in mission world forever. Also Monday to Tuesday I did a scambio in Vicenza with Sorella Carlock and I went to America!!! I ate TACO BELL. I was like a kid at Disneyland. We taught a lesson on the base housing, then the member that took us took us to the real army base and we went to the post exchange. I bought Doritos and Bugles. Any trunkiness was insta-allieviated (cant spell in inglese). 
But ya know what, I loved the culture of these military families, it was such a cool experience. Not to mention...the hype for American food is so not worth it in the end. Good lesson learned of making me want to stay in Italy even more. 
I also received a letter from the Hacienda Heights ward again. So sweet! I had no idea so many people read these little emails, I should probably hold off on so much slang haha. Thank you for your love and support! 
Our conference Wed was soooo edifying. Elder Kearon, Snow and Nielson came to speak to us. It was very uplifting and there was a funny joke that one of them said from serving in Germany. For every door you knock on, someone gets baptized in Mexico. hahaha. We all died laughing. 
I am so very grateful to have these opportunities to hear general authorities and constantly be striving for more spiritual enlightenment. Also for my dear companions and friends in the mission that have shaped me. 
So my family is moving into a house in Santa Clara, St. George today. So strange! When I read the email my eyes got kind of glossy and Montag was super stoked too. Stress relieved! Guess I will check out the house Sunday during skype!
Slla Montag is super gemmy, always making me breakfast and my bed and stuff. So I was like, how can I gem her back? I can't keep up. Well ladies and gents, I do say I found the ultimate payback. I brought back a family pack of POPEYES. So that has lasted a couple days. 
Today we put pants on the do some service for an orchestra concert Fratello Frani is doing, when we put our skirts back on we were sooo much more comfortable! Who am I? haha. 
Oh I almost forgot the best part! Edoardo got baptized! He has been an investigator of the Anziani for a long time (I almost wrote a sack of time...daiii italian!) and he finally and literally took the plunge! It was beautiful! Couldn't stop smiling, so much so that my mouth was dry. Now that my friends is a good measurement of your joy. How dry your teeth are. 
In somma. Vi voglio bene, come sempre. 
Fate la brava! 
Sorella Gillette

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