Wednesday, May 21, 2014

* 5/21/14 *

Turning over a new leaf, to the first one?

Man I just feel so good after reading these letters. I have felt a lot of love and spirit from my besties back home. It's so cheesy but I really do feel the spirit when I read their emails and they talk about their experiences.
I also really appreciate people asking about who we are teaching. Let's face it, that is all I care about haha. 

Well Sorella Strong is great, we are alot of like. Which is bad because we are both chatter boxes, need to do some self-evaluation on time management haha.
We have been really going back to basics, strada, a little bit of casa, even pulling out my classic complimenting lines on the tram haha. Really having flashbacks to Bergamo. 
And at times I'm thinking, oh we didn't get to pray on the street, we don't have new simps technically, only potentials. Well that is how it was done in the olden days in the BG. and you know what, we didn't teach a bajillion lessons there. I never hit the standard until my 3rd city. But we had 3 beautiful baptisms there. So I am very hopeful and excited. I really think we will see a baptism together. And some less actives are really showing interest in coming back, I want to activate!
Luckily Sorella Montagnoli is with my Palomino family in Vercelli, they moved there and I am so glad she can follow up on them for me and love the heck out of them.

I remember when I said in Milano I didn't know what was worse, not having enough time to visit everyone or having plenty of time and no one to visit. Well let's just say I know what I would choose now haha. 

I think we are converting to bike-ism. Never had the desire until recently. We found out ghettooooo bikes and we are going to try to get the tires repaired. I guess I deserve it, I have dodged bike cities like the plague and go figure now I actually want them. (my comp is a die hard bike loving missionary). 

Anyways to sum up the week, we are trying to do a bunch of different things to get new investigators. 2 cool miracles sarebbero:
1. WE HAD SOMEONE IN CHURCH. As did the anziani, and we found their person too! Our woman was a potential I found last transfer in the area book who I guess came to english class once before? Montag knew who she was. We scheduled an appointment ma, she wasn't able to meet with us. Long story short, tried to set up another one, she said she would come to our 'ceremony' on Sunday. I'm like okay sweet, little doubtful but hey. Then Strong texted her Sunday morning and she came! all 3 hours! We are meeting with her tomorrow, and she knew the Nonna! 
Side note miracle, I got in with the young women! We are going to start going there I think instead of Relief Society, there are only 2, one just turned 12 and the other needs a lotttt of help. I don't know how to help her. 

2. NEW INVESTIGATOR. A Romanian woman who was on her bike on the sidewalk. Now usually I don't stop bikers, but she was moseying along and we were searching for a bike shop so I asked her. And usually Romanians are pretty tough and not super interested in talking with us. (Atleast that is my experience). We should be seeing her Saturday and she was relatively interested and superrrr sweet to us! WOOT. 

Well, after a long, boring letter, vi lascio in pace. 
Vi vogliamo bene! 
Sorella Gillette
p.s. pics. from one compie to the next. numero 11 o 12. Depends if we double dip Slla Montag in the counting.

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