Wednesday, July 16, 2014

** 7/16/14 **

Lodi has bikes yay!

Well last week we went to the Duomo in Milano, ate some really good American food at a place called Mama Burger haha. Good job Italy. You did it.
We also had a country ward party haha. It was a good way to meet people. Most are South American, score! They are all really nice. Traveling here is really, really stupid. Takes so long to get to all the paesini, worst I have ever seen. There are barely any buses and none on Sundays, so people are forced to be inactive. I want to rent a bus myself and just pick everyone up. Ahh the dream life.
Had a scambio with the loverly Sorella McCann for the second time! We saw a lot of miracles and it was a really good day together. Her and Sorella Condie made homemade lasagna. Sorry, I haven't really learned anything of food value like them, but I do have recipies!
There are a lot of less actives and new converts to work with and trying to help them become missionaries. People here are really good at sharing the gospel. I am proud. 
We had a lesson yesterday with a family who's daughter served a mission but isn't currently a member anymore as far as we know. Ironically I just talked with Sorella McCann about how we are worried about mantaining the schedule of reading scriptures daily and not getting consumed in the world. It can happen to the best of us and it is so scary! 
I just know I am going to be a really weird person in a few weeks. I already make jokes about fearin headphones, being alone and letting my knees shoe. che peccati! 
Thanks for your love! I am always thanking God for the wonderful people he has put in my path. I imagine if you read this boring letter, you are one of those individuals. Kudos. ;)
Sorella Gillette

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